HRT and additional Test


Hey all,
I have read a few articles for HRT and the blasting and cruising method. Currently I am on 200mg/week of test cyp. I also am taking arimidex that is infused with the test. HCG is taken at 50iu 2x/week (mon and thurs). I feel great and am back in the gym. Sex drive is up, losing the pot belly, and am not as tired as i used to be.

I get blood work done in June as this will be 3months from start date. I did a Test E 500mg/wk for 16 weeks a few years ago. Did well on that and came off it well, no sides.

So questions is how should I do a blast while on HRT and what should I use along with my 200mg/wk if test cyp?


Simple as adding in whatever you want between your blood work with the doctor. Giving. Yourself 4 weeks back on your test 200 before bloods. You can run all ugl or add it to your script whatever you prefer. I personally save my script and just run ugl. Up to you.

Ps. Wtf is adex infused in your test? It’s somehow a blend In The test you inject? I had no clue that was a thing.


Yeah my test bottle says 200 mg of test cyp, and .5mg of adex.

I plan in waiting to see my blood results after this first 3 months.

I attached my blood prior to HRT.Bloods - 1.pdf (54.0 KB)


That’s a first for me.


I would hold off for a while before doing a blast while on HRT reason being is that the HRT itself seems to be doing good from what I read. I believe that if your HRT is taken care of your pot belly making you feel more alive and younger and better then in the gym it should be doing the same thing. I understand probably that you want to add some compounds in and get some real big gains. I would definitely go for that but probably a year down the road after a couple blood test and to see where your estrogen is at and all that stuff. Then if I were you I would add in Primo 400mgs a wk and if you wanted to go higher increase from there to 600mgs. I’m running 600 mg right now and I couldn’t be happier. It really also depends on the Primo that you get. I would definitely make sure and do the research to make sure that you get really good Primo and not just mediocre Primo. Go for the best adding that in with your HRT I think would really give you the best gains that you could get and you will keep almost all of them instead of just adding a lot of water and losing most of it in the end. If you have any other questions hit me up anytime brother I’m always here to help.


For myself since I am doctor supervised I preferred switching over to short esters like TestP, NPP, TrenA, MENT, etc. while blasting and resuming my normal TestC TRT once the blast cycle was complete. I have ran longer esters while blasting but the blood draw timing for TRT makes this more difficult to nail down.

FYI- it would not make a difference to my doctor because I made sure I was perfectly honest with him on day one. He even went as far as willing to monitor my labs while on cycle as long as I did not tell him where I got it and what I was taking. :wink:

If you are seeing good benefits from TRT why even consider doing anything else. If you are committed to cycling you could easily stay with a simple increased dosage of testosterone only. If it works why try and fix it? I received some of the very best results from just 500-750mg/wk of testosterone. 500 being my sweet spot.

We all love to experiment but the reality most of us are not seeing the maximum benefits of steroid use because of all the other factors that are holding us back from maximum results. I might sound like a hypocrite because of my past experiences but the truth of the matter is unless we make a living in this game no one needs all the other crap we are pumping into our bodies. I am a really good example of what not to do because I have a hyper curiosity to experiment on myself… thank God I have a lot more good experiences than bad.


Responding to your PS Fit- Compounding Pharmacy. Its becoming very popular with TRT clinics and ND’s.


I’m gonna wait before I do any additional compounds. I’m taking hcg and feel my testicles are still shrinking. I am taking 500iu twice a week. I still am wanting to have kids in the future, is there anything I should do to help preserve my boys.


Is your HCG from a known reliable source? If you are doctor supervised speak to them about increasing the dosage. If you are self prescribed consider increasing to 1000iu 2x per week.


Yes I am doctor monitored. So I will get with them and see about increasing dose.


Dont fix what aint broke brotha if what you are doing is working keep doing it till it doesnt work anymore than mske adjustments from there. Wanna get most results from least amount of gear always


I think I’m good. I just did bloods again a bit early due to my thought of estro side. My t levels went from. 296 from April 1st to over 1500 by may 17. I’m concerned now of t levels being to high. I still want kids so don’t want to fuck up the boys, ya know. Also I was thinking about doing a 1/2 ml rather than 1 ml weekly of test c just to try and get my levels in a normal range and continue to is the HCG at 50units 2 per week.

This may be a question that is far out there but I’ll ask anyway. I’m going to do a vestecomy reversal on July 6th. Should I stop using the her and hcg prior to surgery and pick back up after?


I would ask you TRT doctor. They would be the best source for help and information.


Yeah bro the dr has all the answers plus being as honest as possible with him will only help you out in long run