How soon do you start blood test after test e?


On second week idk wether to adjust my adex down or go up and I’m not sure if I can feel it out. I noticed drop in energy but then when test goes in I feel good again.

Any help appreciated

I was planning on week 5 but now I’m worrying a little.


I usually start the second week and every 2-3 weeks but thats due to tests being cheap in my area. I chart everything with an app called Keep Track so I can see any changes along my cycle.


So what are the tell tell sign of gyno coming ? Besides itchy nipples.


Well the only reason I was wanting to wait is doctors who give trt usually wait till week 4 or 5 for blood levels to stabilize but I really want to nail down my ai.


What dosages of test and is are you running?


500wk and armidex at .5 EOD but my body is close to 30body mass


I have no clue what my body is close to 30 means lol age? That doesn’t matter. At that low of test and that much adex I would be SUPER shocked if you have e2 issues unless your adex is bunk. Where’d you get it? I’d say wait til end of week 4 and just pull your full panel to test your test/e2.


Yeah I agree with Fitraver. Thats less then my old cruising dosage lol. Not much to worry about. Your adex dosage should be fine. I didnt get gyno issues until I got above 3g a week.


Dragon pharma


I agree with @Fitraver and @TrenGod wait till week 4 then have blood work done. 500mgs a week isnt that much i wouldnt worry about it too much i can run 600mgs a week with no AI and not get gyno. But 0.5mgs arimidex eod is what i take running 1200mgs a week


@TrenGod fuuuuuuuuuck off you e2 non sensitive assssss!! Lol I’d die for that. I would def get gyno at 500 without adex but not on that much Adex. He’d be okay as long as it’s legit.


Dragon pharma should be legit so I’d wait til week 5 and get bloods. Only way to know where you’re at for sure.

Dp is your adex too or just your test? I was asking about your adex.


Lol yeah I got gyno later on but way later on. I never had to take an ai under f600. My first cycle ever was running test e at 600 deca 400 with no ai no issues.




That sounds like what I’ma try next as soon as I get my fat down enough to actually bulk


So should I cut down ?;because I literally had a damn good amount of energy feeling on first pin lasted up untill a day after taking adex it kinda went away and haven’t felt it since .


Keep in mind everyones body responds a little different, Key is find what works for you. I can pack muscle on very easy but cutting fat is a nightmare for me if not on Tren or DNP. My DNP days are over so now back to mast and tren for cutting.

I believe more bloods will show more when on a cycle. Its just like graphing data but on how your responding. Some people think Im overkill on my bloods but I can read and see whats changing and whats not changing. This why I think everyone should chart their bloodwork as often as they can as well as notes to what they are changing in their cycle, intake etc.


Agreed with @TrenGod your .5 eod may be too high for you or it may be right. You won’t know until you get bloods. Depends how you’d rather approach it. Error on keeping e2 lower or it possiy getting higher if you cut back your dose. Up to you we can’t tell you.


If you are feeling tired could it be diet related? At that level of body fat ( I assume you meant to type 30% body fat) you could have metabolic syndrome and certainly insulin resistance. If you are in a heavy calorie deficit with the wrong types of calories and nutrient timing your energy levels are going to peak and crash terribly.

Energy levels have a lot less to do with steroids as it does to proper/improper nutrition.

@Whitehag1344 Sorry to be off point ion your specific questions but I saw another possibility that COULD be causing your issue.


Well I made sure it was a high carb day due to hitting chest that day so I doubt it but I see your point. I understand your angle but I go up and down on weight allot more then I should I have gained and lost 30lb more times then I would like to admit thanks to beer and partying and well in general just not having time for gym because priorities get away from me, but that’s behind me now.