How Often Do You Change Your Routine?


Hey Everyone,
There are so many different opinions out there on how often you should change your routine or which routine is best it can really make your head spin if you’re like me and over-think everything. Thankfully as I have gotten older I have been able to find out what works me and I have been sticking to the following routine the past year:

  1. Legs, Chest and Abs
  2. Back, Traps and Biceps
  3. Chest, Shoulders and Triceps
  4. Legs, Back and Abs
  5. Shoulders and Arms
    I listen to my body and take days off when I need to and I am constantly switching things up; whether it’s going heavy all week, light all week, mix it up, dumbbells only, a lot of cardio no cardio, etc… You guys get the point. Also my diet is on point, it has to be! Since I don’t have a thyroid my metabolism is complete shit! I base my calorie intake on my cycle. I only drink water and I don’t eat anything that is processed.
    Anyways what kind of split do you guys use? Also what are some of your training and nutrition philosophies?


I always seem to go back to more volume, more blood, less rest between sets. Supersets, etc. I also cannot freestyle it after 30 plus years. Somewhere in my bag is a journal. Never write stuff down but its filled with suggestions of exercises that I’ve read or tried. And I look at it sometimes. My split will always go back to chest, front/side delts, calves. Usually ill pump up the previous body part in 10 minutes at the end. Here its quads usually leg ext and lunges for 10 minutes which comes out to 5 sets x 30 reps. Back, traps, rear delta, hams with chest pump. Bicep/ triceps , forearms calves. With back pump almost always cable pullover ss assted pull ups. Then day 4 quads, hams with arm pump. I add abs with cardio usually in another session. I might go 10 days w/ o a rest day but of course ill adjust so volume is lower or cut calves out. I’m really doing something for each body part 3 days a week or 8 days. I have tried every program almost. I like 5 or 6 exercises x 2 -3 sets each. Lots of angles. I swore when I hit a certain age I would just do arms. Chest, and just a couple sets for all others. That lasts a week…
If you ever have neglected a body part, it feels like the blood was sucked out. Regardless, I give 2 hours a day to bbing still. It could be 1 hour training, 1 hour on UGM or 2 hours training. Then its on to other priorities. Its perfect that way.


Great post beloved…right now I train one body part a day, rest on Saturdays, i train high volume including lots of super sets; cardio 3 times a week; diet is everything to me even my cheat melas on weekends are well structured.


I usually legs Monday, back tues, day off weds, chest+ delts thurs, fri off, sat arms and calves. Exercise and order change weekly to keep it fun


My nutrition philosophies are if it’s there I eat it.i Steer clear of sugary shit, soda junk food eat my fruits n veggies, but I eat almost anything. At this time in my life my metabolism is still thru the roof so I can afford to do that


Nearly weekly for me. I get bored kinda fast so I change it up all the time.


i change my training cycle when I change the objective. cycling for a comp or meet and depending on how for out I am … off season is for volume and mass building while on season is for strength and iks very regimented percentages reps the whole nine… … I like a 4 on 3 off split but sometimes I ll do a 5th day of ‘active’ rest doing olympic lifts which are great for cross training and utilizing muscles in different ways. I stay away from processed foods as they are more trouble than they are worth.


Thank you everyone for replying. It’s cool to see how everyone has there own philosophies and what works for them.
KodiakGrrl I look forward to putting in an order with you soon, I’ve heard nothing but great things…


Thanks GC I am always happy to talk training and diet and what not … lol…


When it becomes work I am done. :sunglasses:


Thank God that hasnt happened yet! Training for me is like breathing i cant live without it :muscle:t2: