How much Nolvadex?


Hello brothers, A m currently at week 10th (Test e 500mg/week+300 mg deca/week+400 mg eq/week); i finally see the eq shining…levels of vascularity have improved and muscle hardening. Am gonna run the cycle longer maybe 20 weeks. Question: I started 2 weeks ago taking 20mg tamoxifen/day; is this a sufficient amount? I hardly ever feel not even small itching in the nipples area and i control water retention with a very clean, clean diet and cardio. Is 20 mg tamoxifen/day enough for this cycle?


Do you mean nolva? That is usually what is dosed in 20 and used to help with what you’re wanting it for. Not clomid which is usually used in pct and 50mg. If so. I’d try 10mg ed and up if that doesn’t work.

Also, why are you using nolva vs an ai?


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Nolva vs what?
Please forgive my ignorance


Ai = aromatase inhibitor (like arimidex). Keeps your e2 under control on cycle.


Should I switch to arimidex or add?


So you’re running this cycle without any ai at all Currently? If so, yes I would add in arimidex or aromasin before going the nolva route. That’s just the way I do it. I know some will run no ai and just use nolva.

What have you done in the past? This isn’t your first cycle right??


I know everyone is diff, and I am gonna research it more, but signs that e2 are high are what,@fitraver? Like physical signs?


@John Nipple sensitivity is the big one which if not addressed can lead to gyno. Other ones are increased acne/oily, holding extra water, dick not working…


First of all , am so grateful for you all…answers within seconds. Thanks indeed
The nipple sensitivity i might feel something here and there , not periodically, neither so bad, which starts at the middle of the cycle and then i used last time 20 mg tamixifen/day, no acne and i have a very dry skin, water retention very good right now: my jaw is well squared out (no moon face), this mornornig my obliques became visible again, but i eat very very clean, my sexual performance excellent right now ( my wife just texted me complementing my performance last night…by the way am 54)


@Pastor I totally read your first post wrong, I thought you said you were having Nipple sensitivity that’s why I made my recommendations. If you don’t even have any e2 issues you may not even need the nolva or ai. You may be one of those lucky people. If you’ve done it before without any issues then maybe you’re okay. I always recommend getting bloods to check your e2 to know for sure.




I believe I am also one of those people, I keep adex on hand but have never used it, I can run high amounts of test no problems, I am now running mast p, sust, npp and hav no problems, thankfully, it seems on the occasion my nips do itch, but few and far in between does it happen


Thanks I should get bloods done


I was just about to say @John I’d be interested to see your e2 if you’re in high test and no ai.


I am not running high test at the moment, I run it high when that’s all I’m running, most of my cycles were high test my body responds well to it, I have a reg doc appt Friday the 30th so they will be doin blood work, I have never specifically asked for blood test, so do I just let them do it or ask for specific blood work??


I feel better preventing so am gonna get me some arimidex right now


@pastor just be careful to start low and not overdue it. For your test dose I’d say start at 1mg a week. Split dose if possible. I do mine ed dosing but eod would be fine. Crashing your e2 sucks just as bad.

As always. If you can get bloods to check you should so you know for sure where you’re at.


@john that’s sort of tricky going through doc. If this is your regular doc you don’t want to raise suspicion about you doing gear. If this is a doc bats totally cool with that then maybe.

If not use (uses Sonora quest) or (uses labcorp) as long as you don’t live in states it’s illegal (it’ll say on the site). They have TONS of tests to pick based off what you want. If you just wanna do e2 its estradiol. If you wanna see your test numbers as well the horomone label for females is good and gives you CBC and Cmp panel too.