How many people at UGM are on Keto (or usually run Keto)?


I keep seeing people mention it in random threads and now I’m curious. So as the title says, how many people either are currently on Keto or typically spend most of the year in it??

I feel like there are a lot more than I realized.


Me. Not now but 8-9 months of the year for the past two years.

@GlycogenGuy @VanillaGorilla @MuscleGod @Coalhogg how about you guys?


I’ve been on keto since October 1st 2018. I love it. December 1st. I’m gonna carb cycle to do some growing Around March. Keto all the way


Honestly ive had years where i could eat damn near anything and either run 5 miles a day or i would just eat healthier and work a lot without noticing and drop a crowd of weight… never tried dieting and if i did whether it was vegan or juicing… shit would only last a week or 2 at most… now lets go back like 2 1/2 months weighting around 315… i found out to get on with the utility as overhead lineman need to drop to 275… (current weight floating around for past 2 weeks) and without much effort keto fucking got me there… current goal is to try and drop to 250lbs and about 18% bf before running a cycle. Soooo… keto works for me apparently… to top it off i get to eat ribs, wings, steak, bbq like its nada thang so im digging it. Now i gotta get back to ketosis because i ate like shit the past few days trying to get a miracle pill to work… stick to diet… fuck it stick to keto… it works… and its pretty simple. Im bout to fuck up ribs, brisket, and chicken parm this weekend.


I dropped 36 pounds of baby fat in 31 days. I’m a underground coal miner. And a mine rescue captain. Keto is the way to go. It will keep you strict. I’m so ready for a little carb cycling and growth


NEVEERRRRR! Not my bag but I definitely give props to those that have made the switch.


Oh damn that’s a ton of weight and fast!! Keto seems to be killer for cutting.


Not so much keto but Ive learned my body responds best to no carbs or very little carbs. When I was at my best my only foods were steak, talapia, chicken breasts, lean ground meat, cheese and cut red potatoes with egg whites for breakfast. I felt and looked great.

Not until I guess I started drinking more and then allowed people to tell me i needed more carbs (when i know now I dont) did i start feeling bad and bloated all the time. Taking the tests for food intolerances only reinforced I shouldnt be eating carbs at all. Every fucking thing with carbs I have issues with.

Changing diet back to no carbs is going great. No stomach issues. No bloat. Dont feel like i have gh gut all the time.


Fuck yeah bro. So happy you figured that out. We’re both on the path to feeling better.