How many ladies do we have here?


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They’re in agreeance with what he explained to you I’m pretty sure.


@KYTrapGrl516 look forward to hearing how you like this product. I’ve use Helios in the past to get that lower glute tie in and I hate that shit.


I wont be trying it…they want women below 10% below BF…so basically Im too fat for their product. Im 21% as of today (I used to be 40%). Oh and Im also not an “athlete” according to them. I power lift…I am an athlete.


although I would think if you give it to a “fat girl” and see how she does with it…if she has great results that opens your sales pitch by a 1,000% increasing your sales at the same time. I dont know much, just have a MBA…thats all.


I use Helios injectable and do like the results.


Id like to add that 21% bf for a female athlete is not fat…(powerlifter at that too)
10% bf for a female is extremely low…like peak-weak low…


Saying a powerlifter isnt an athlete is as offensive as calling a roidhead “natural”


It would seem to me that use of the substance by someone with a higher percentage of BF would indeed be a true test. When a person with sub 10% body fat reduces their bf even more, it usually involves a dedication to a strict diet with training geared toward that loss of fat. When I’m prepping for a show and implement the use of Helios for fine tuning, there’s no way for me to say that all of the results I achieve are based on the use of it solely…my cut cycle, diet and training are the major determining factors.
It’s unfortunate that you are unable to log the product. We know you can always order it and try it out😉


Yes, ma’am. For those that know me a little, I am always down to help someone out and promote a solid product. It’s ok…I’ve been called fat all my life…doesnt bother me as much now that Im 200 pounds down.


Dont worry…Im used to it. I thought about bodybuilding, but I’m not built that way. I have been told by many that I am built as a powerlifter. I’m short (only 4’11") and have been told that you never look “right” on stage unless you are at least 5’6" as a woman.


Not only is 10% low, but also not good for chicks to run around for extended periods of time with such low bf. Essential bodyfat for maintenance of life is around 13%for women. Of course women in competitive sports like BB often drop below this threshold… powerlifters on the other hand focus their energy on strength and not aesthetics, therefore drastic reduction in bodyfat in not required.


Im worried can we take this to pm I won’t have anyone here disrespecting any of the ladies
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Sorry if I offended anyone, I was being truthful. I’ll stop…


Were uncensored if you feel something say it no one lady or man will be spoken to like that here.
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your correct. , and give me a few minutes to talk to my partners. i sencerely appolagize. and we will handle


Sieg…its ok. I dont want any trouble for myself or anyone else. I bought my own and will log that…when I KILL IT with someone else’s product I will just recommend that source and not theirs.


its not ok,
you are in my new home. , i invited you at UMG, the MEMBER is first. , that i promise. carry on my friend. …
sieg :wink: love ya girl


Completely agree with you.
Its not ever healthy to be in very low levels of body fat for males and even more so for women.

I think even 13% for females is really low unless youre prepping really really hard for a show.

Women, i believe, should float anywhere around 15-23%. Men 8-15%. (15% for women and 8% for men being on the very low end)

@KYTrapGrl516 keep it up :clap:t2:Youve come so far (down 200lbs) and doing so well. I applaud and respect that you do not let anyone or anything pull you down.


Thanks, K! My goal for the lowest BF for myself would be 15%…and that would be a stretch…