How do you chose your cycle?


Ok so I see a lot of really bogus cycle protocols on here. When you’re picking you’re stack how do you decide what compounds to use? Do you simply follow stuff on the internet not knowing which compounds best stack together and just follow the internet? Do you ask the biggest guy at the gym? Do you hire a coach and follow his protocol?

I see some really whack stuff and I shake my head in disbelief at some of these. Do you stick with the basics or do you use stuff like dhb or whatever it’s called in hopes of the next best muscle builder? And dhb is basic Chinese shit compound argue with me all you want I have the knowledge of an actual chemist that knows compounds and gear better than anyone I’ve ever met. Do you actually know how some of these were made? Or should I say made up in someone’s kitchen as they try to make a name for themselves in selling gear?

I’ve always kept it basic. There are no new super drugs out there. You have your tried and true basics cyp, enth, prop, sust, suspension or TNE.

I’ve never taken any of these things I see pushed at UGM. And quite honestly I wonder where this stuff is coming from. I see it all pushed so much. I like to take advice from someone that looks the part not someone who is skinny and doesn’t even lift or some overweight smelly guy that hangs out in the gym all day and thinks because he’s big he knows it all or the person that sits on the internet all day researching bogus cycles. Or better yet someone that actually knows the science behind the compounds. I’ve been doing this a long time and I have to say @SymBiotecLab has taught me a lot and shown me even at my level I don’t know everything.

So I’m curious how do you pick your cycles. This is not a bashing post but hopefully a learning one. Now I know there are some that no matter what will still use whack bogus cycles just in hopes to try and prove they know best because the internet said so.

Oh I’ll post pics of me and how I look using basic tried and true cycles versus anyone with bogus cycles. Let’s see what the community says on this lol. And no I’m not calling anyone out I’m stating what I see.



I have made a lot of poor cycle decisions over the years but as I posted before the steroid cycles that have stood the test of time have been the most beneficial and at moderates doses. MENT is the exception because it has such a short history and the results were good.

If I were to offer anyone cycle advice I would say do not do what I did for so many years. Learn from my mistakes and benefit from what I have found that works best from personal and first hand witness experience.

Test, Deca, EQ, Tren, Primo, Mast, dbol, drol, var, provi

Gh - If you have deep pockets.

I did not add winny because I have never used it and I included provi, even though I can’t tolerate it, because of the SHBG reduction (more free t) it provides.

That list is more than anyone on the planet needs in their tool box to accomplish their goals with the help of anabolics. If these don’t work you got problems that anabolics will not overcome.


For me personally and with all the research I do, I choose my stacks based on my intended results. I try to stack in a way that is synergistic. Theres always Test. I choose Test E because I like the moderate half life and it’s easier for me to tell what my hormones are doing and I feel like I have better control at keeping blood serum levels peaked and even without a hormone rollercoaster. Shorter esters like Prop, Ace, PP, etc just have a frequency to cause me more sides. Again that’s me.

Then pending my intended results, I choose might choose a 19nor. Deca for an all put bulk or Tren for a leaner bulk.

If I’m not using a 19nor and especially if it’s not an all out bulk, then I might choose something like EQ or even DHB. I haven’t run DHB yet but I intend to. Either way the point is just showing that I would choose something known for it’s lean muscle capabilities. If I forego or want to stack something additional, this is also where i choose my oral if I decide to run one. A pure bulk, I’m going with Dbol everytime because I like the way it makes me feel and it puts on hella weight. For a leaner bulk I would choose Anavar or Tbol. Again this is all for intended results right.

Lastly in comes my DHT. I love Mast for its lean muscle abilities and its mean vascularity. I also like the way I feel on it. I have doubled up DHT’s in the past but if you’re prone to sides then that may not be the best practice. That said, if I didnt already choose an oral for bulking or cutting then this is where I would add Adrol as well. Adrol just gives me that hulk kind of physique I’m looking for. Sure the gains are nearly unsustainable but the strength increases and just overall muscle fullness I get are phenomenal. Not to mention my body has proven to really adapt to Adrol very well and I don’t need a ridiculous dose to get my desired results but that doesnt mean I haven’t been curious/stupid with it in the past.

So to summarize

19nor or Lean Bulker

That’s the stack for synergistic purposes.


Great thought process and you know what works best with your body.


@Berserker at 6’ 180+lbs you are still really lean, assuming you have a healthy body fat %. What has your previous bulk cycles provided as far as increases in size?


Wow @SemperFi wow you look great bro. When I’m an old man like you, I hope I’m in half the shape as you.


Thats says a lot coming from you @PHD. Beauty is only skin deep but… ugly is clean to the bone! :see_no_evil:


I’ve gotten up to about 205 briefly but I tend to cut closer to 180 and bulk to around 195. Last I calipered my body fat was 13%ish which was about 4 days ago. So I’m a little higher in BF than I am during a cut. Are you asking in terms of actual measurements? I’ll note that I do have a highly active and often stressful job, plus my anxiety and PTSD so I have been know to be able to make a decent cut at 3200 to 3400 calories. During a lean bulk my calories range from 3400 to 3800 calories if I’m trying to preserve and build lean mass. During a bulk I will go from 3600 upwards of 4200 calories as my weight increases. Again though, I watch my weight and make sure not to overdue it. I still have to be able to fit in smaller places sometimes because of my job and also being a martial artist, as I get heavier I start to lose some of my speed and explosiveness. I’m no body builder and never will be but I’ll always be someone that gets looked at on the beach lol


Thanks for sharing. I was just simply curious to know where you have been and where you are going and you helped in that regard. Appreciate your participation. Keep moving forward and tearing it up!


I need to plan more precisely, and stay consistent, maybe I should ask for help, I do from my old src take some of his advice, but he throws big numbers at me and I will do it but at lower milligrams then he says… again I need to talk more with guys like, @SemperFi @PHD, I stalk @Fitravers log, but I am not nearly as consitent and motivated as he is. I read almost everything on here, and go research it more,then attempt to make a plan with what I gathered.


Bro I might be the new guy but i have an extremely vast amount of knowledge and I’m always here if you want to run stuff by me. I do everything from planning fitness routines, planning nutrition, even helping to plan logs and PCT for those that need it. Fitraver can attest to that so if you ever need it I’m here.


Thanks for the offer. I am soon to be doin a long needed proper pct, then stay off EVERYTHING Til the hunting season is over (end of January) I say that cause I work and go to school(gi bill) and my free time is focused on hunting so I will hav a cycle planned by then, but with help this time