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Recently I saw an old thread about low dose testosterone which SemperFi commented on, so I messaged him to get his opinion and he thought it would be a good idea to get more than one opinion so I hope you all chime in.
For health reasons I run self prescribed TRT and found my perfect dose is 150mgs every 5 days. I’m short at 5’6 and currently weigh 160 at about 9% BF and plan on lowering down to around 6%. I don’t know if it’s because I’m short or it’s just genetics but I can get down pretty low without feeling any ill effects. Anyways I have no interest in competing or getting overly big. I’m a huge outdoors person and any time off I spend Hiking, Surfing and Blah Blah Blah. Plus Yoga is a huge part of my routine. I want to know what everyone’s opinion on sticking to low dose Testosterone and adding compounds, instead of high doses of Test. Obviously everyone has different goals and genetics so what works for one may not work for another… For instance my TRT cruise and the up coming blast are as follows:
*Would love to hear everyone’s opinion on the subject a critique my blast.

TRT: 150mgs of Test E every 5 days

Blast: 300mgs of Test C for 20 weeks
600mgs of Equipoise for 20 weeks
40mgs of Dbol for the first 6 weeks
Letro during Dbol
Arimidex the rest of the way

Thanks everyone. Also I want to give a shout out to MBTJR1980 for recommending Iron Junkie! Than you both!!!


*Thank you both… Hate Iphone predict text


My pleasure bro! @Iron_Junkie_Labs is a top sponsor in all aspects from service to product all 5 stars!!
My opinion on lose dose test in cycles is that myself personally i always blast with at least 1200mgs of test plus whatever other compounds im gonna run. I come from old school believe that test is highest compound then add in other compounds to compliment it depending on your goals. Im also 5’8” at 270lbs in single digit bf%. At 38 ive been cycling for 20 years so i have to take a lot more than average cat if i could do it all over i would have waited much longer to start cycling and used a lot less to get the most i could out of each stage but overall im happy with what ive accomplished. Ive never tried low dose test cycle but from what ive read from some of the vets here it can produce very good results without putting a shit ton of strain on your body. Wish you the best with your cycle and hope others chime in to help give you the answers you are seeking my man