Holiday weightloss goals


Waiting for till turkey day to see if weight falls off from the DNP i took… so far seems to be a a stand still… i carbed the fuck out the last week on it just to see what havoc i could wreak… im talking 3 boxes of brownies… handful of donuts etc… back to keto now though. Ive got about 2 or 3 weeks before i want to start a cycle and test out these products. So im about to try and bust some ass. ive got a hot date with a suicide girl coming up so that’s extra incentive. Hope all is doing well and safe travels for those who are traveling if i dont post by Thanksgiving everyone have a wonderful Turkey day!


Im curious about your results for sure and happy Turkey day to you also brother


Forgive me for asking @VanillaGorilla but what’s a suicide girl?


Look it up bro. You won’t be disappointed lol


Tattooed and pierced hot models.


I’m just here for the suicide girl haha jk bro. Very curious to hear about your results.


Here ya go bro


The man delivers


Might have to try and get get me one of those


When i look in the damn mirror it says yes… pin that shit right in the shaft of your dick… but the camera says… ehhh maybe give it… 15-20 more lbs. Its been a damn journey…