Holiday special for new clients


What’s up UG fam @members. Boy do I have something for you all. I’ve actually been in the works for this for a while and finally got everything figured out. So my girlfriend is now a business partner with me in titan training. She’s ran her own business for a few years now and been training clients at gyms for over 10 years. We decided to join forces and really give everyone a lot of bang for their buck.

A little background about Ms Titan (I made that up lol)

Elite personal trainer with the international sports science association
Sports nutrition
Personal training/sports training
And exercise therapy

So with that said for any new clients that join we are running an 8 week pre holiday special (we are also doing this on our public social media platforms). And to add icing on the cake if you refer 3 people and they join you will get a month free training. $99 for 8 weeks is a steal. So hurry up and let’s get rocking and ready for the holidays.

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This is awesome bro. What a deal. That’s dirt cheap!


Looking at the advertising it says success.
Titan training will become a titan in the industry. I really believe this I wish you and ms Titan the best brother.


Thanks bro. We been slammed through social media we wanted to offer something special for ug


Outfuckingstanding I’m you guys will be a success!!


And thank you.


Congrats bro you guys make a super couple and wish you both the best on the new endeavor together


Slots filled up quickly with our social media. I have 5 slots available that are left and first come first serve. Who’s going to be the first person to jump on this awesome deal? You won’t find a better package anywhere with the knowledge or time we put into our clients. @members



Don’t miss out on this holiday steal from a verified trainer.


Awesome deal…I’m still in PT for my shoulder surgery that included the full rotator cuff tear, bicep tear, bone spurs and other shit. I still haven’t forgotten our discussion. Keep up the good work.


Speedy recovery bro