High times at the gym



I had to post this check it out


This needs personal research


Im your man for the job lol


Confirmed on the Jack Herer! Best pre-workout around. Take note, GNC.




i may consider…will these options have the same affect baked in protein cookies??:smiley::smiley:


I dont see why not =)


Any form of ingestion will work I prefer etibles and vape


Haha edibles are great but it’s hard to judge the timing, they can take over an hour to kick in. I use a Pax 3 vaporizer, take a couple pulls in the gym parking lot and go to town!


i will look into those thanks!:smiley::smiley::smiley: i want to end up with a couple or more physical choices at my disposal


i have never smoked…well… actually couple times i did attempt…one was a cigarrett i almost choked to death and my throat felt like i packed it with 1 million crushed jalpeño seeds!:rofl:. so not sure how vapes work…but chewables sound nice​:smiley:


does vape burn your throat in any way…anything like inhaling smoke?


I love going to the gym a little blazed. My music sounds sharper and clearer, and I feel like my mind muscle connection is better. I try and feel all the muscles in a particular contraction, and i think the cerebral effects of smoking a sativa potentiates that.

That being said, there’s a fine line between a little blazed and totally zonked.


I’m no expert but I always thought edibles give more of the body high than the heady high


I agree I don’t smoke regularly because of my job but my last bulk I was using sativa strains to increase appetite and it helps with getting a deeper sleep leads to better recovery.
I myself enjoy edibles or vape over smoking


I would say yes and no it depends on how fast or slow you take it in voltage amps. Find you a friend that knows what there doing if you get a good one you adjust it to you and how you like it.


I know almost noothing about it just move voltage but then again I only use friends because never was into smoking. Just that natural green :wink: