High protein diet bad for kidney function?


Just found this article saying high protein diets show nothing but benefits for kidney functions. I know I was always told the opposite as long as I can remember. Anyone have thoughts on this topic?


That myth has been busted for awhile bro.


Guess I’m late to the game lol


This is interesting because protein does break down in the body into ammonia I believe and that was what’s supposed to make it damaging. Im not sure about how much protein you would have to ingest for this to happen but im sure that over a lifetime you could cause damage.
I just don’t believe that in short term or in the amounts eaten would cause damage.
Anything in high amounts can be bad for you. How bad im not really sure when it comes to protein.


When I was going threw college I was told that high amounts of protein mostly consumed by eating red meats was actually capable of causing cirrhosis of the liver. Have you heard of that before?


I haven’t heard of that but I’ve been following a lot of what Stan efferding preaches with his vertical diet which centers a lot around quality lean read meats. Maybe that should be another topic for everyone’s thought on his vertical diet.


I think people were worried about protein not being stored. Broken to glucose(that can stored) or fat(triglycerides mostly). The breakdown is complex and the referred article lists high as 1.5 / kg so 220 lb man would be taking in over 300g…pretty high. The breakdown of the ammonia is done by liver mostly in the process of turning this to urea. Any breakdown and yes kidneys can’t really get all the nitrogen waste(ammonium ion) filtered. What about 450g of protein , diuretics, AAS…maybe becomes to much to handle. But I’m just playing devils advocate.


Protein in the blood from muscle wasting causes kidney failure, damage ,renal syndrome. Long distance runners are the only athletes really affected by it from what I’ve read