HGH offered Domestic


HGH is in stock from our domestic warehouse.

All kits generic and testing at 32

These go fast so message us for more info on hgh and raws.


Hell yea I’ll hit ya up


Thanks. You will be pleased bro.


Testing at 32 that’d legit pharma grade bro. Just got your email


Wow bro. Ok I know I can’t say much but damn guys @MPG is on top of his game. Quick response and let’s say I know quite a bit about GH and this is definitely worth the price. You better hurry up because I’m stock piling lol. Price is too good to pass up for this quality. Thanks bro


@MPG 32?! Bam… that’s good stuff.


That’s pharma grade. I already hit him up. Don’t let this one pass you up. I may buy all and stock pile lol


Sounds great. Prices?




@tazextremefighter PM or email the sponsor for pricing. Sponsors do not post pricing on the forum.


Whats with all the secrecy lol


We aren’t allowed to post prices anymore Bro. Msg @MPG for prices. You will be blown away


These are way better than the generic blues testing at 24. Blues have been around forever and are dirt cheap and basically not good at all. These are testing at 32 that’s pharma grade levels @MBTJR1980.


Yeah man i dont waste my money on anything unless its pharma grade. Ill def check him out for sure thanks for heads up big dog


Thanks everyone. For the homebrewers we will be adding domestic raws as well sometime next week.


I dare anyone to try and beat that price. If I didn’t already have plenty I certainly would be stocking up.

Hey… They would even make great stocking stuffers this holiday. :call_me_hand: