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Now we have plenty of HGH with 100iu / kit in the USA stock, the blood test can offered to guarantee the quality if you need, and the pack can be shipped out immediately after you confirm your order. No customs issue, and shorter shipping time. ( Pack will be sent within USA, T/A will be depended on the specific destination) Shipping fee is $30 per package.

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Blue tops? Are they a higher quality than the usual cheap blue tops that test in low 20’s? Do you know the test numbers off hand bro?


MB you ever heard of Aqua hgh?


Like gh thats already premixed in pens like norditropin?


It is this Russian stuff. Came out in east Europe couple years…had issues with sending it to USA…but resolved I think. They were pretty honest about everything. The had a lypholized and a pre mixed. Last I checked was 4 months at least. MGT? Was name? Is that what your referring to Gman?


Nice pics again @srhealth-diana!


I have been following mgt closely
I want to try aquos and there powder but they won’t ship to hell because the product won’t make the trip so im waiting until winter


Pro will last in temps over 90f for 30 days. The Aqua is premixed and can last 30 days at 85f. Comes with cold packs. It’s really good stuff. Murph there is one more guy you should check. I will mail to you. You may be impressed.


Some packages landing in 7 days I just get worried with China and Russia acting up it could cause parcel issues.


They are good now. They had some postal issues. Everything was getting returned to them. The powder is Pro and the ready to go one is Aqua. Good IGF-1 numbers on it.




I spoke with store owner he said that he won’t ship to me until December or January

I look forward to trying it

I have been working on getting them to sponsor talk to them ask them to check us out


:+1: all day


These both sound amazing and prices are really good. Def might have to try them out for sure


Domestic HGH now available!!
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contact: [email protected]


Domestic HGH from SR Health Tech with safe and fast shipping.
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