Hey what’s up. New guy post


Hey all,

Stoked to find this board and looking forward to learning from everyone. I’m from Australia originally, living in the States, been lifting for over 15. 5,11 currently getting back into it after an Illness which got my weight down to 177lbs was at 230. Just hit my 40’s and a few kids in and just looking to crank back up the intensity and start training hard again. Looking forward to getting to know you guys and glad to be here.


welcome brother


Welcome to our board,


Welcome bro!


Welcome bro! If you need help with anything let us know!


Welcome !!!


Welcome to the board


Happy to have you brotha


Thanks boys for the warm welcome. I’m reading a ton of solid info in here. Glad to be on board.


Welcome bro.


Welcome to the family


Welcome, hope you enjoy these place as much as I have so far, the people I’ve dealt with here have been nothing very open and helpful!


Welcome aboard