Hey I'm new & introducing my self!



Thank you! appreciate it :smiley:


@koolaidsbro5 did you set goals (diet, exercise, weight…?) And did you meet or exceed those goals?


There was no mess up at all I did everything correctly.


My first cycle was amazing! I went from 200 pounds to 235 pretty quick & put on a lot of muscle within 2 1/2 weeks my strength increased drastically same with gaining muscle. People could definitely tell there was a major difference & seen major size put on at about 2 1/2 weeks in. The only thing i hated was my shorts no longer fit me i gained a pant size went from 34 to 36… How come you suggest staying away from Tren?
& Thanks brother appreciate it


And now comes the educational part… keep your mind open @koolaidsbro5 and listen to the experience these guys can share with you


@koolaidsbro5 for the most part tren is the most user unfriendly injectable steroid in our tool box. I have been doing this for a long time and have used almost every steroid imaginable and I would be a huge hypocrite to tell you to stay away from tren but…

In my experience there are more suitable and user friendly steroids available for every goal other than tren.

You will need to decide for yourself if the risks are worth the rewards. At your age your biggest concern in my opinion is post cycle therapy. Just remember that every cycle is different and at some point in time there will be a price to pay… cause and effect… Ying and yang.

Be responsible and be a solid example for others to follow.

Side bar… Quick gains are almost never quality gains. Rhetorical question… Of the 35lbs you put on how many of those pounds can you attribute to muscle mass?




Welcome. Pretty young to start but hey each their own. I always tell younger kids at gym build base and gain quality first. Your body naturally produces a lot of testosterone at that age. And don’t learn all your knowledge from internet find a trusted older experienced guy (that looks decent) pick their brain learn from them. Not someone old like @SemperFi though he’s mr weikapedia lol anyways good to have you here


How to stay away from tren is don’t buy it


Don’t take this personal, but there is always room for improvement, so your first cycle you may think everything went correctly but that may not be all the way true, but it’s all relative since every experience you can learn from thru trial and error. Also I swear off doin tren every year or so, but find myself and the devils piss reuniting occasionally!!


Hey @Bigmurph isn’t this age discrimination? I demand justice! :smiley: