Hey everyone new here. Need help and advice on domestic suppliers


Hey everyone im new here. I was looking to meet some people for education. Im new to this realm and would love some help and guidance. Looking for a trustworthy domestic source for cycle and post cycle support.


Welcome. You’re not going to find anyone to directly recommend a source but if you take the time to read through the sponsor reviews and read up through our posts, I’m sure you’ll be able to make a decision on who you’d like to use. The board is full of very knowledgeable people as well as informative posts.


We have verified sponsors I would send them emails and use the one you feel comfortable with.
Just remember

Any communication between a site sponsor or source is strictly between the member and source directly. Please check the laws of your country before you order any of their products. The onus is on the buyer, and the sponsor or UGMuscle.com will not be responsible in any way if you break the laws of where you live.

Sorry I forgot to say welcome to ugmuscle.com brother hit me up anytime im always here to help



Welcome aboard!


Welcome to the board.
There is tons of info and great people on this board.
I am on here every day reading through old posts to pick up on information.


Welcome @newtothagame. This is a phenomenal place, good people, with a lot of knowledge to be learned and passed on, so with that being said, there are no wrong questions here, nobody will be disrespectful or condescending.


Welcome to the board. Research is paramount in this biz my friend. You won’t have any problems.


The new pinnacle of evidenced based research and bro science!!! And a few nutty fuckers that have used way to much supplements! Welcome…“Do as I say, not as I did…it took me a whole bunch of doing to learn what to say”


Thanks everyone. It may take me some time to respond back due to work needs but the love is appreciated!