Hernia surgery experience?


Loving @SymBiotecLab EQ and @paramexer Test cyp… almost 4 weeks in, starting to gain some noticeable endurance … and waking up with nice pumps! Zero post op pain at this point…did 20 mins of various ab work this weekend post workout… felt great! Lost some size over the past month… but ready to kick it into gear this week and move some weight!


Nice arms solid and viens
Muscle memory is a miracle with all the injuries ive had once you get going again it comes right back to where you were


SBL’s EQ is really giving you some nice vascularity, looking good brotha


Hell yeah man. Can you feel the mesh at all? How long you plan to wait before going back to full 100%?


Starting to feel the effects for sure… only running 500 mgs of EQ per week, I know some go higher, but I’m a less is more person when it come to compounds…excited to see how this cycle goes over the next 16 weeks.


Not one bit brother…next week I’ll be at 75% of my regular lifts…first week of February I feel I’ll be ready to go back to my normal routine. This weekend I tested the waters with just 135 lb squats for 100000 reps … felt good! Lol


That’s awesome bro. Glad you’re recovering so well. So did you take the full 4 weeks off before starting super light work? I know you started cardio and that kinda stuff basically as soon as you could right?


I took a full two weeks off weights bro… light cardio during those two weeks only. Past two weeks 50% normal lifts… high reps. 75% till Feb 1st… then back to normal hopefully! My doctor said the mesh is 75% “healed / scare tissued” at 4 weeks… 90% in 6 weeks … 100% in 8 weeks. His advice was, if you feel any strain in the movement …stop. I have been playing it safe with lots of hammer strength and cybex machines … did light 25 lbs side laterals this weekend and some light squats with no strain.


Good to know. I can manage not going all out until 8 weeks as long as I can get back in for some light weight stuff. Will feel like a pussy but it’s better than nothing lol.


Got to the gym at 4:45 am like me bro… and you’ll see nobody… gym to yourself, been doing it for 10 years…I cannot deal with gym crowds and shitheads anymore. I was at an LA fitness in Miami in early December after a buniness meeting, had to go around 7 pm… was so frustrated with crowd I stayed for 15 min and left! Too old…lol


Nice vascularity bro, makes me get pumped lookin at em.


Quick update… 3 month post op and back too 100% lifting cardio routine. No pain … dropped the EQ last week 12 weeks in due to BP issues …strength increases were great and vascularity increases are noticeable in arms and legs even at 15% BF. Will stay on 400 mg of test and 3 ius of GH for the rest of the cycle.


Glad to hear everything went well man. Them veins are poppin! I’m still back and forth on running my GH again. I only have enough to run 2iu a day for about 65 days right now and not sure I want to drop the cash to get more.


I hear you brother…I’ve run GH as long as a year before… IMO suble gains in BF loss, recovery and vascularity. Not certain if it is worth the expenses. But I’ve never dosed over 3 Ius per day…so who knows. When it’s all said and done, best gains I’ve ever achieved in 20+ years of this game are always from 500 mgs of test per week and crushing clean foods.


When I was in my early 20s I had a left and a right inguinal hernia in a one year period. This was in the early 80s and the second surgery they sewed a mesh. I was able to train most parts within 2 weeks except for squats, deadlifts etc. My hernias you could actually feel the bulge in the lower waist area and push in back in the tear. See a doctor you don’t want it strangulating!