Hernia surgery experience?


Nice brotha glad to hear your healing process is going well. Funny thing you mentioned about asking a nurse, just so happens my wife is a nurse and is checking into my surgeon as we speak lol


Hey brother, I have my umbellical hernia surgery in March, so do you think with the mesh is better?


Hey bro. You should make an intro post. If that pic is yourself looks like you may have some good experience.


Sure is, taken about 6 months ago, will make introduction…




Certainly leave that up to your surgeon bro… I researched it and had several conversations with mine… there are some suture techniques where some doctors feel mesh isn’t needed … but ultimately the purpose of the mesh is to strengthen the muscle wall over time, as your body accepts it. Reoccurrence data I read suggests the mesh helps significantly.

After 16 days… My discomfort is gone 90%… still some swelling. Back lifting light!


Ok got it. I asked my surgeon what was up with the mesh recall and is opinion if better with or with out, first he said the mesh to for umbellical started in the early 90s and was still kinda beeng tested, he says the ones they have today are stronger, finner and of new materials that are good for symbiosis with the body, he said the chance of it coming back versus non having it are slim and non, so I was going to follow doc and put mesh, just heard a couple of story that scared me, doc says he does all his patients he uses the mesh, he says the old style before mesh the reacurrance of the hernia coming back was very high, did you put to sleep totally? Did they prescribe any antibiotics? For sure a little nervous, last question what does it look like now, can you tall the hernia is gone? Does it look normal? I had to stop competing cause it was just to embarrassing and not aesthetic , came round 7 years ago got worse and worse with lifting heavy and eating and gh and insulin at the time, not getting back on stage just want this thing taken care of, what do you think?


And also found this what you think? Found this article from this famous hernia surgeon…

A career long commitment to non-mesh hernia repairs.

Thirty five years ago, while in training, Dr. Petersen was warned by his instructors that “We do not really know what the dangers of hernia mesh are.” In 1986 Dr. Petersen went into private practice as a general surgeon after completing training and passing his boards. Over the next 6 years he continued to repairs hernias exactly as he was taught, satisfied with his results as were his patients were. 1992 the surgical world overnight made a dramatic change, nearly everyone adopted mesh as the standard of care for hernia repair citing significantly lower recurrence rates. But still no one knew what the risks were. It had not been studied. Because of this and because he knew what his recurrence was low Dr. Petersen resisted enormous peer pressure and continued doing hernia repair exactly as he had been taught by surgeons whom he considered to be the finest in the world. Within two years Dr. Petersen started seeing patients with crippling groin pain that he could only attribute to hernia mesh implanted by other surgeons. The first patient he removed hernia mesh from was cured of his pain, regaining his life. That launched his career long interest in treating hernia mesh pain and his commitment to non-mesh hernia repairs.

Traditional Hernia Surgery Nearly a Lost Art

Non-mesh repairs were successfully preformed for more than 100 years. The trouble was not all surgeons learned how to do them correctly and on the average recurrences rates were high. This was a great opportunity for mesh manufacturers to step in and teach everyone how to repair a hernia with a low recurrence rate using their product and making huge profits. Unfortunately there was no economic drive to preserve the art of non-mesh hernia repairs. The medical literature has many publications of the excellent results of single surgeon non-mesh hernia repairs and one world renowned hernia clinic, the Shouldice Hospital, in Toronto, Canada.

Pure Tissue Repairs Have Great Results in Expert Hands

A properly done non-mesh hernia repair is not a tension repair. It preserves normal anatomy while repairing the injury. It does nothing to upset our body like inject a foreign material which triggers a reaction from our immune and nervous systems in the end resulting in chronic pain. In dedicated expert hands recurrence rates are less than 3%. The incidence of chronic pain is less than 1%.

There Are a Few Surgeons Trying to Preserve the Best of Hernia Surgery

Dr. Petersen has 30 years dedicated experience to non-mesh hernia repair. Dr. Petersen’s views go strongly against the mainstream. But their are other surgeons like him around the world. We are publishing and speaking at professional meetings. Without being overly optimistic we would like to say that other surgeons are beginning to listen.

  • Kevin C. Petersen, M.D.


I was totally sedated and the procedure lasted around an hour. No antibiotics were prescribed for the procedure. Physiologically, my presented itself as an “outtie” belly button and now it is an “innie” … so yes it looks very different. My doctor shared some real horror stories related to those who waiting too long and intestines become strangulated and die… this lead to needing several inches of intestinal track needing removed, not to mention bacteria leaking into you body from the intestines becoming perforated… scary stuff for sure. I’ve also read the “key hole” types of surgey without mesh are much longer recoveries than laparoscopic with mesh…4-6 weeks no activity. I felt terrible the first 3 days… But by day 6, I was trail hiking several miles with only little discomfort.


No major updates… light weight … reps of 20… feeling pretty good to get blood back into the muscles. Just such a challenge to get that vascular pump with baby rattle weights :joy:… but will be back full speed in a few weeks!


Post opp appointment today… all good. Asked if I could take the training wheels off… said keep them on for another week and just listen to my body after that. No squats or heavy compound movements for another few weeks. Started test cyp / EQ (400 /500 wk) cycle this week as well… will run for 20 weeks in conjunction with 300 mcgs of Sermorelin. Will run .5 adex three times per week as week… as soon I go over 300 mgs of Test, estrogen shoots up for me, as well as sides. As shared previously… EQ is the one compound I’ve never utilized… open to comments and personal experiences with EQ. Gym conversations / research suggest it begins to take hold around week 5-6. My goals are additional mature density and conditioning.


Do you really believe that the seromorelin works?
Ive been wanting to use ipamorelin for along time and I have a legitimate src for the compound so no question about it being real deal.
I just have always been told and thought why not just use hgh its basically the same price.
The only difference is in the bone growth I believe.


I have gone back and forth between serm and 2 ius of GH for the past few years. Both seem to help me stay lean in conjunction with proper diet and cardio. Now I’ve yet to venture into the 4-6 gh iu range…nor will I since I’m not a competitive BB (more like a mid 40s guy who is vain and likes to look good in work suits, lol) But I would say 300 mcgs of serm and 2 ius of gh seem to have similar effects on my body. Price point … around the same, but I’m getting the serm from a compounding pharmacy where the cost is probably 30% higher than UG market.


Will you be logging or updating regularly? I’ll be running EQ next round and I’d like to follow your progress.


Yes brother! I have had several members reach out regarding the surgery due to the commonality with our sport… I plan on weekly posts until I get back to 100%… I’ll also share out perceptions on the test / EQ protocol.


So today marks one month post op for the surgery. Feeling good! Some slight pulling / tenderness around the umbilical area…but very tolerable. This week i am still around 5o% of my normal weight from lifting movements… still haven’t squatted yet. Keeping reps high on all movements… this week also incorporated ab work. Cardio consists of daily 45 -60 minute incline treadmill work…4.0 -4.2 mph at 7.5 incline. Next week will crank up the weight another 25%. From the compoundss perspective … 400 mgs of Test and 500 EQ… two weeks in for both…Feeling good.


Nice, glad your feeling good brotha!


Glad progress is going well bro. You’ll be fully recovered right when I start. Shall I just pickup here from your last post? :joy::joy:


Passing the baton brother @Fitraver


Im glad to hear that you are getting back to it. Take it slowly im actually going to post soon about everything that has been holding me back since October. Im still not healed or lifting anything more than physical therapy weight its ridiculous.
I wish you the best brother