Hernia surgery experience?


Glad all went well bro. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Keep us posted.


Wow that’s a pretty big mesh or is that the standard?


Good question, in which I don’t know the answer! …it was rectangular as per his explanation during my pre op consult … guessing 4x2 … the herniation was estimated around 1.5 inches, horizontal to my bellybutton.


Certainly not going to post daily progress and bore everyone to tears …But day two sucks slightly less than day one. The CO2 pumped into the abdomen is really uncomfortable, look 7 month pregnant …not to mention the 4 port holes. Sleeping is near impossible… 2 hours last night. My appetite is non existent…check back in a few days. Looking forward to healing and implementing my blast from the good people at @SymBiotecLab in a month or so! Will be a long few weeks!


Hang in there brotha


Day 4… pain and overall abdominal stiffness has subsided around 50%. Took a 1/2 mile 5 am walk this morning with no issues. The C02 bloating has reduced nearly 50% as well. Feel like I’ve turned the corner … will stay out of the gym for two weeks, return with 30-45 light cardio sessions … week 3 (God willling) add in some machines and light weight. Focus on clean eating over the holidays…maybe the biggest challenge!


So I’m kinda curious as what this C02 bloat is. Do they basically pump your abdominal wall with the gas?


Yep… Provides internal space for surgery to be preformed.


Hmmmm… Sounds a little discomforting😬


Lol…just a little! It is then suppose to dissipate on its own after a week. Ugh


Day 8 post op check in…any lingering pain has subsided by about 75%…went on several 45 minute hikes and lots of walking to try and reduce the CO2 bloat. As the internal sutures heal, I can sense an odd internal pulling sensation which is normal according to my doctor. Will being doing light treadmill and slow tread climber this week… will be mentally therapeutic to just get back into the morning gym routine. This lay-off really has solidified my beliefs in proper diet, nutrition and supplementation. After 10 days off, I haven’t noticed any real physical changes…still seem full and vascular with the exception on my stomach … Abs are hidden under swelling and bloat though…:sob:


Thanks for keeping us updated bud.


Those abs will come back brother mine are hidden under fat which is worse :sob: lol

Heal up brother


Lol :joy:… pools don’t open until June 2019! …At least in the NE part of the country… you got time brother!!!


Happy New Year everyone… day 12 post op update. Pain gone by 80%… swelling as well. Now just a pulling sensation from the multiple internal sutures. Daily cardio regimen has been 40 - 45 min at a 3 mph pace and 2 incline. Light weights start on Thursday, nothing over 15 lbs (will be doing million sets of a trillion… Ugh) …But it’s all about getting blood back into the muscles. Going to also begin my first equipoise / test protocol in two weeks. After 25 years in this game, EQ is the one compound I’ve never used due to need for longevity of cycle (20 weeks) and old timers feedback that the gains are too subtle. In my 40s… I’m now OK with “subtle” gains and physique refinement. Using two great sponsors here for this protocol … @paramexer test cyp 200 and @SymBiotecLab EQ 250 … Will be running 400 cyp and 500 EQ for 20 weeks. Will also incorporate adex as needed … starting with .5 x 3 per week…additionally 350 mcgs of sermorelin each evening, as well as blood donation at least twice during the protocol due to the increased RBC EQ is notorious for…Enjoy your week!


Happy New Year brotha. Glad to see you back at it even if it’s light weight. Hey it’s better then no weights. Also idk how your appetite is but whenever I run Eq my appetite goes through the roof, just a lil FYI.


I have a healthy appetite :frowning: and try to keep my BF under 15% year round, I’m around 6-2, 220 lbs … so I’m sure the EQ will test my internal fortitude! I’ve learned over the years to always keep Greek yogurt in the fridge … mix a cup with chocolate whey protein and it seems to curve those hunger cravings, especially at night! Call it my protein “paste”…actually not to bad!


Might have to give that a try, thnx


How did the lightweights work out for you? I got my potential surgery date today of Feb. 6th for my umbelical hernia


Hey bro… so far so good man! Started off with 45 min of cardio…3 incline, 3.5 mph. Light full body workouts for the next week or so. Focusing on mostly hammer strength machines and kettle bells … reps of 20+. Getting blood back to the muscles felt great. No pain whatsoever! Research your surgeon bro… my wife is a nurse in a metropolitan hospital , she of course ask the nurses and doctors who they would send their family member to for that procedure. If you know a nurse… ask them… they hear everything…who is good / not so good! Back at it again tomorrow.