Help with gyno


Apparently, I’m prone to gyno. 15 years ago I did a ton of prohormones with no pct. I was uneducated and stupid. I ended up with gyno and had surgery on both nipples. After that I didn’t touch any kind of aas

Now I’m 37. Very active and good muscular base. I started Sust 250 a week ago, 500mg a week.My nips are already tender. The doctor didnt take all of the gland out.

I’ve immediately started nolva 40mg a day and adex 1mg a day. Started yesterday. How long should i wait for it to work? If it doesn’t work do i need to stop everything?

The benefits of aas are not worth weird looking nips. Where do I go from here. This sucks


1mg a day with adex is WAY too much. Your going to have your estrogen at zero in no time. Run the nolva if you want. But back it down to 20 and run the adex at .25 ed or .5 eod. Get bloods in 2 weeks to check estrodial.

If you already knew you had gyno once, why did you start a cycle without an ai to begin with?!? @BullDurham1980


How long ago did you have surgery for it?


Approximately 10 to 12 years ago. Haven’t touched aas or prohormones since.


Adex and nolva too high my brother. Recently a had a similar situation, follow what Fitraver is saying. Everything will be ok


Well, I had nolva and adex on hand… just didn’t start it at the beginning of my cycle. And since it was 12 years ago since my surgery, I didn’t know if there was any gland left. Apparently there was. All learning lessons. That’s why I’m on this board. To learn from you guys. Again, thank you for helping me.


Not long ago I started my cycle only with nolva. Lack of knowledge and preparation…lack of caution as well, cause I eat very clean so I thought I will never be water retained. My brother Fitraver helped and advised me and very stable now


This is good advice, keep the nolvadex, 20mg per day is plenty. Also, I personally find that .5 every 2nd or 3rd day works well for me and I’m also prone. Only real way to tell is to get bloods done


Ok, so ill drop the nolva down to 20mg a day and the adex to .5 every 2 days. I’m just paranoid. After being an idiot at a young age and going through that surgery, it has made me paranoid. Now that I feel the tenderness and I know what’s going on, I want it gone asap and I’ve become impatient. I’ll give it a little while and stop feeling my nipples every 5 minutes, I’m sure that looks weird anyways. Haha. Thanks guys


On a serious note. Don’t touch them. The more you fuck with them the worse it’ll get. Hands off lol.


In my opinion 40mg Nolva and 1mg Ad are too large doses. Knowing that you are susceptible to gynecomastia, you should start the cycle calmly from the lower doses of testosterone, i.e. prop test 100mg per week or 200mg cyp test per week and of course from the very beginning of the nolva cycle 20mg Ed. During 2 weeks, if you did not have symptoms of gynecomastia, then you could gradually add more powerful measures to the cycle. In my opinion, you started the cycle too hard and now it would have to be corrected.

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Yea, I should have started with much less. I was under the assumption that for your first cycle, you only do test and see how you do on it. I also thought that 500mg a week was about where you should start. I was wrong. I pinned 250mg last night. I’ll pin again. Next week and break it up to 3 times a week for a total of 200 or 250mg a week and see how I respond. If I’m ok, maybe next cycle I can throw In something that doesn’t arromatize. Anyways, gotta get through this gyno issue first. Thanks for the advice!


Iused raloxifene with good success. Also, How developed is your pec. The more developed and larger the muscle get around the gland it will eventually mask it until you get to single digit body fat. Keep pushing through and dont let it affect you too much mentally I know it’s hard.


My pecs are actually pretty defined. You can’t tell i have gyno at all just looking at them… yet. But since ive had it before I know how quick it can get out of hand. I’m not single digit body fat, maybe 18% so it does mask it a bit. But I’m still pushing through hoping and praying that the nolva, adex, and lessening the test will help and keep it from getting worse. I’ll keep pushing hard. Ive been lifting for so long that i dont know what i woulf do if I didnt. Thanks! I may give the raloxifine a shot if the nolva doesnt work.


I kbow that when I run 19 nors mine flares up even with adex and Faber, but once I go back to a try dose it shrinks


I agree with much of the posted advice a lightly high on the nolva. Back it down to 20/ED and adex .5mg EOD. Try and get blood work done shortly to see values and when signs subside about a week or so after. Good luck my friend.


Thought I would report back and give a little update. So after 4 days of nolva at 20mg a day and adex at .5mg eod, my gyno has subsided. My nips are no longer sore and tender. I dont really feel much of the hard fibrous tissue anymore. They are still a tad puffy, but they are definetly getting better.

I just wanted to say thanks to those that took the time to help. And to @Iron_Junkie_Labs for good quality products. Hope this thread may help someone else in the future.


@Iron_Junkie_Labs is Outfuckingstanding!!


Amen to that!


Update: ive lowered the test to 250 a week. Apparently, i am super sensative to E. Ive had to up the adex to 1mg ED and nolva 40mg a day. My nips are still a little tender. Im wondering if i should try letro since its stronger and more cost effective.

If letro does the trick i would like to keep test at 250 a week and add in Var at 50mg ED. Since var doesnt aromatize.

Any advice on the letro vs adex? Anyone else as sensative to E as I am and what did you do about it? Thanks guys