Help. First time using TNE and need feed back


What’s up guys, I’m new to UG and I’m hoping to get some feedback . I recently purchased some TNE from one of the Verified sources, and the guy was up front, and warned me that it crashed. He said all I need to do is heat and shake before pinning. Any of you guys have experience with crashed gear, or TNE in particular and how to approach it and what to expect ?


I dont really use TNE. I tagged you in another thread tho about crashed gear.


Ok thanks


Tne will be great practice for dealing with crashed gear


I always use oven and watch every minute past 5. I have always also found tne beyond repair. I still have the bottle. It heats up but as soon as it cools its solid chunk. I thought it could o f been from overheating it. 99% the oven is my way and just aspirate once if its new and watch plastic…


Good thread


Well, at what temperature do you heat the oven ? Ive read in another thread , a guy heating the oven at 250 and warming the gear for 15 minutes but that was in reference to primo


I wonder if you could dilute tne with test e


Put oven on 200 degrees and bake it for 10-15mins taking it out every 5mins to shake it up. This always does the trick for me with TNE. Its a very delicate compound and will crystalize majority of the time.


What other ways have you tried


That’s pretty much my suppliers suggestion. Thanks for your input. I will post my results when I receive the tne.


What’s to stop crashed gear from recrsytallizing in your muscle after pinning? Just thought about this?


Hmmmm good thinking


It’s warm inside the muscle


Lots of gear that is being referred to keeps recrashing and they have to heat each time. It’s warm in their house after they reheated it once. The reason for crashing isn’t cold.


May I kindly ask what do you think the reason is?


In not referring to any specific product I’m just asking a general question.


I believe I have an answer but I really, really don’t want to be controversial. Anyways what you are saying is on the right path, for example how you get a whole bunch of gear that comes on a plain where temperature is gonna get pretty low and never crashes. So you are right the cold is not the reason why keeps crashing


Yeah there are plenty of other reasons than cold. I just randomly thought about ones that keep crashing and always have to be reheated, if it would happen in the muscle after you inject or that’s not possible? Just randomly thought about it. I’d assume that would be painful as hell and if people pin it fine then it just not.

Just me Being a curious cat.


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