Helló iron warriors! I'm new warrior!


Hey everyone!
I’m new to the board and sorry but I’m not speek englis very well.
I’m from Budapest.
I’m 54 years old Hungarian man
and I’ love iron like you.
I have been in London’s GYM.
I like it.


Hello brother, am 54 too, foreigner too, same problem with the English. Welcome


Welcome !!!




Welcome to the board.


We welcome you to UGM brother.
Don’t worry about your English everyone is welcomed here.


Welcome! I love budapest. I should be there soon again. Im always in Prague and surrounding countries.


Welcome glad to have you here


Welcome to the board brotha


Welcome to the board! - UNITED

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Welcome…you are in an awesome place!


Welcome to the UGM family bro we don’t discriminate here so dont worry about your English :wink: anything you need we are here to help!


Welcome brother Glad your here




Welcome to the board brotha!