Hello, First post here...Whats happenin?


Thanks! Looks good here.I dont know if I know anyone here. I’ve been in this game since before the internet. Thats how old I am LOL


Welcome !!!






Welcome bro and thanks!


Welcome to the UGM fam! Ive been at it for a long time myself 21 years at a very young age of 38 :wink:


Welcome. Great to have your experience. Pretty chill place with a diverse group. Looking forward to your participation.

Age test… Did you like the Andy Griffith Show growing up as much as I did? Give me my bullets Andy… :wink:


Welcome…" More pie semperFi? Mmmmm You ain’t shit for old unless you switched off fantasizing about Barbara Eden and Elizabeth Montgomery…the genie and the witch…But see @Dzone., now we can order shit like room service!!!


All switches are in the ‘on’ position @rnmuscle


Is that a question, my Elder friend? Last I checked…nope!


I was simply letting you know I ain’t old yet because I still have fantasies that would make a sailor blush about those two women… All switches in the ‘on’ position. And I have a dwindling stockpile of @Iron_Junkie_Labs Cialis to prove it. :wink:


LOL, Listen Marine(please sir) You know you can’t Too high with "the educated one"LOL. They were good for any decade. I leaned toward jeannie black haired bad genie sister: JEANNIE HER TWIN. Regular tv could never go there nowadays.


Welcome to the board.