Hello everyone


Hi everybody, i just joined; am highly interested and learning from you all. I have competed before but my experience and knowledge of chemicals is old and poor


Welcome to UGM brother! Hope to hear from you! You have questions we got answers! Be sure to check out our site at ironjunkie.ws and create an account under wholesale :slight_smile:


Welcome!! :muscle:


Hey brother welcome to UGM! Same @Pastor from SF??


Yes my brother same Pastor


Awesome!! You’ll fit in well over here brother;)


Yes I will, thanks my brother


welcome to UGM brohemoth


Welcome sir anything I can help with let me know.


thanks sir am exited to be here


Welcome to ugm glad to have you around brother


thanks brother


Welcome to UGM


@united, how did you know that…whoa scary! Don’t tell me. I rather think its some supernatural occurrence.:slight_smile: