Hello Everyone. First timer here. Below is my introduction


Nice to meet you. We can all learn from each other for sure! The most important step for me was to acknowledge I needed help and from my past journey’s I have learned that support is what helped me succeed. I am working on pushing the word ‘DIET’ out of my mind and replacing it with ‘lifestyle change’. Everyone has been so supportive and there is so much knowledge to tap into :smiley:


we are all here for you mrs murph. :slight_smile:


I am aiming for 3- 5 days. I am so glad you said to set realist goals because I have always believed in starting slow and increasing as I build strength. I have failed too many times when I go full steam ahead. It’s not realistic especially when I am so out of shape. I like your suggestion in making a workout plan and will be implementing that so this way I can keep track of what I am doing and can also see my progress. What are your thoughts on intermittent fasting?


Many thanks!!! :smiley:


I hear it works, but me? I like eating. I just control what i eat through meal planning. I make my next days food after i get home from the gym. I believe its more important to reestablish insulin sensitivity through diet and exercise, then use more hardcore approaches such a intermittent fasting. I prefer mini-cuts that last 2-3 weeks once in awhile. I just dropped 3-4 lbs in less than two weeks with no cardio. It aint easy but it works :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Carb cycling works well too. If i come across some info on restting insulin sensitivity i post it up.


I agree with a couple things being said here. First and foremost you have to take an honest look at where you are as far as being physically fit, and next take an honest look at what you WILL do as far as exercise. I really like your talking about taking it slow. The BIGGEST mistake people make is trying to follow ridiculous workout routines and diets. I mean lets face it, who gives a shit if X diet will make you lose 15 pounds in one month if you cant stand to eat the food for more than 1 week. Who cares if 20 min mega fat burner 5000 will make you lose 20 pounds in one month if you cant stand it and stop after 5 days.

The key is CONSISTANCY and what you are WILLING to do every week to make a slow change for the better. I mean lets face it you didn’t gain that weight in one month and your not going to lose it one month. So do like blast said slowly start removing the stuff you know is bad for you and slowly start introducing the stuff that is good for you until its a daily habit and not a diet! Like when you want a cookie eat an apple, or even better a key lime pie yogurt. Change your lifestyle and eating habits and your body will reflect it! COMMIT 100% to a minimum of days you will HONESTLY go to the gym per week (like 2 or 3 days), and be there. You don’t need to go powerlift, or workout for 4 hours 3 days a week. Start off slow, try the different machines, go swimming, bicycles, try everything and see what you like. Switch it up constantly and do different workouts so its not…“oh my god I have to go run the treadmill for 30 mins”

The key is DONT do anything drastic that your not going to do or follow every week. If its a miserable exercise grind or a diet that you starve yourself or eat crap you don’t like you will be done in 1 month. Throw away your scale and go by BF calipers or even better…reward yourself with new SKINNIER clothes. Mainly just HAVE FUN! Diet companies don’t work cuz they don’t focus on changing your eating habits, exercise habits, and lifestyle habits, honestly they only want to sell you shit to make money.
Oh and did I mention HAVE FUN!
P.S. I bet there is a MR bigmurph that would even go with ya and help you with any questions you have or just be there for support if ya need it :hugs:


Both at the gym at 4am for a wk now.
I really love it


Woot congrats brotha!


Sounds great! Thank you. I am going to hold off on the intermittent fasting for now and just get a grasp on my change in eating habits. I will also look into carb cycling as I don’t know much about it. Have a great evening!


Thank you. Yes, I am doing everything slow and sticking to my commitments. Murph set up my first weight session yesterday morning which I feel today and love the soreness. It’s not too bad so I know I did just enough, no too much and am looking forward to our next session. He can definitely show me things I don’t know and look forward to seeing the changes in my body :grinning:




Someone very wise once told me that you cannot compare your chapter 1 to someone elses chapter 20…

I have an eating disorder…called binge eating disorder. The weight loss surgery was like surgically induced bulimia and the thought of binging and purging helped me lose really fast. Now that Im out of the honeymoon period…I binge and gain. I am back on meds to get myself where I need to be again.


Very good memory. You got this, girlfriend! Handle your business… don’t let the business handle you😘