Heating plate improvised


@Bigmurph what ya think about my heating plate/coffee maker?


I actually like it. Im not sure if you have seen the pictures of my purple pimped out wax warmer


Lol nice one


No @Bigmurph i’ve heard many times about this wax warmer that you use but have never seen a picture! Id love to see it or how it’s done!


I’ve heard about this mythical old wax warmer lol that’s why I posted this lol


I love your coffee pot idea, but I got a Keurig so I can’t do that!


I’ll email the Keurig company and ask to add a warming plate for our gear. I got you bro




I just use a heating pad… medium temp. Great for placing on an injection site after a short massage as well if you are using a larger volume.


I pin everyday and don’t have to use a heating pad. Stuff goes on smoothly. I’ve used this trick for thicker gear and love it but I draw my compound into syringe and run under warm water.


I will post one up today so you can see it.
Your going to get a good laugh out of it.

That’s the link to the original post


Do you use water in the warmer? Or just place on the heating element?


I usually use water just to disperse the heat better. Ive been told its not needed though.


That’s fancy compared to my using the top of a toaster hahaha


would this work? @Bigmurph


I believe that is the same one that I have just with a black top. It looks exactly like it.
That will work out


Why do you all need warmers for your gear lol. Is it trendy now lol.


Depends… if it comes with a crayon sharpener i’l explain


I’ll pass you guys can have your warmers and crayon sharpeners.


Your a trip bro… figured I would get a tongue lashing out of this!