Heath and wellness



This is a great read about the importance of your health and how easy it can be jeopardized.
Let me know what you guys think


I remember reading an article saying that using alcohol swabs were completely an uncessary step

I refuse to skip that step but i do always make sure i wait a couple of seconds for the alcohol to evaporate before plunging the needle


Thats crazy to me i use a pad to wipe before and after then put a bandage on the injection site. I’ve been doing this a long time and no infection yet.
I agree you just can’t be to cautious with your health


here it is!

But seriously, i just cannot take that risk of getting an infection or getting abscess… Swabs aren’t even expensive!!!


A bandage each time?!?!? Really? That’s the first I’ve ever heard that haha. Daily pins you’d be going through a lot of Finding Nemo bandaids :wink:


I started doing it after I read about a guy that died they tested his gear because he got an infection. There was no infections on or in tbe vial. When the test results came back it was an infection caused by human phesis and they concluded that when he pulled up his underwear that human phesis got in the injection so I now cover my injection spots with bandages every time. As soon as we inj we pull our underware right back up without thinking of all the germs and bacteria that are present


This is why going commando is so important…and now I know what to get BMurph for Christmas…

Interesting insight and articles (seriously)…thanks for the information!


Ive always just wiped with alcohol pad, then injected and put the alcohol wipe back over the injection site for a few minutes. Never once had an abscess or infection.

An alcohol wipe is pennies. I never get that. Ive seen people boiling needles also and reusing. Just seems too much risk vs just using a sterile syringe each time.


Don’t laugh the wife bought me the Disney band aids when I asked her to pick some up lol


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Ok so we are now on a antibiotic hold and cycling them as well as antibiotic holidays. When I still gave IM shots we would scrub from site to about 3 inches outward, then cover. Any little vector can turn into the one horrible absess with all the strep and staph on our skin. We don’t give as much antibiotic before a surgery to be safe anymore, since in hospital infection is at epidemic proportions. So what about the little swab, I always try to use as sterile a technique as possible, don’t poke in bathroom, did for years, but don’t now, and the worst is shaving😩 I hate the phase of growback and have made it about a month, looks and feels bad. But , follicle infection can get ugly. We can do our best. Shower before, use a bacterial cidal, poke and scrub with a baterialcidal after. A bandaid could be reasonable but could colonize on the pad, so maybe the ones with neomycin or bacitracin on them to shoot our ugl lab made shit deep into our muscle! Sounds funny. Just know our immune systems, the way we eat, etc fight off a possible infection better than alcohol but it’s good practice, scrub though. Evidence goes back and fourth.