Have you met Symbioteclab yet?


What’s up ugm. Lately I have had the pleasure of talking to and get to know @SymBiotecLab. This guy is a walking wealth of knowledge and all around just super nice guy. We are talking about a little something special putting together once my competition is over. If you guys haven’t checked him out yet. I’d advise you to check him out and his amazing line. I’m glad @TrenGod told me to check him out. Have a great day ladies and gentlemen


He is extremely informative, your right. I hav tried him, and talked to him with a million questions and he seems to be spot on with his info knowledge.


I’ve heard the same from numerous members. His list is pretty extensive and his prices can’t be beat. I’m very interested in his prop/tren/mast blend but a little hesitant at $35.00. I wish there was a little more feedback on his products.


I would like to give you some brother, as I am running some of his, but not strictly his… I can say that it is pip free, very smooth transparent oil, mig840 I believe, correct me if I’m wrong @SymBiotecLab


@SymBiotecLab is a top shelf sponsor and deserves to be seriously considered when the need arises.



Yes @John it is Mig840 and other compounds but this is top secret :slight_smile:


  • reliable and cheapest on UGM board

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Ha ha ok I read you loud and clear


@01dragonslayer why are you hesitant? Because you’re use to getting ripped off with high cost? You don’t think @SymBiotecLab isn’t getting enough to make a bunch to pass along savings to us? If something has high price tag it automatically makes it good? Bro I’ve been around a while. Try it before you judge. I have some coming so I’ll give solid feedback if it makes you feel better.


There’s my pal @SemperFi I didn’t know you ran @SymBiotecLab product. That’s good news to me. I’m sure he gave you some knowledge as he feeepy passed on to me. You can’t buy that. He taught me some things I never knew.


He was out of this world helpful in a time of need. He earned a lot more of my business. I also went to him based on a review from @TrenGod


Same here dude


I apologize. I did not intend any disrespect at you or your products. I have heard feedback about some of your products and the outstanding customer service you give your customers and I am very curious about some of your line. But like you had mentioned…I have been scammed numerous times in the past not only by not receiving a shipment but also by under dosed products. That could be a reason…and to produce products at the price you charge makes me a little hesitant. I will follow feedback from your customers and I look forward to future transactions. Thank you for your time…01.


Ok guys so to update you on my order from @SymBiotecLab let’s just say I’m amazed at first service the staff update me daily or every other day on it’s where abouts. Constant contact and get this only took 6 full days (Tuesday-Monday) for it to be in my hands. I was amazed how fast they had it together and sent out. Usually people wait 2-3 days to even send it out.

Also the quality and workmanship WOW!!! This is the best I’ve seen. I try their Clen this morning I can’t wait to give you all feed back on it :scream: and mind you Clen rarely effects me lol

Thanks @SymBiotecLab for everything. You have a new customer in me.



Well the verdict is in. His Clen fucking rocks. I’m jittery and can’t sit still and anxious. Yea this is legit. Feels like my first time lol and I’ve been cycling Clen 2 weeks on 1 week off so it’s not like I haven’t been on it. Just shows other Clen is not that good nor quality.


Clem rarely effects you? You Fuckin gorilla haha


Anyone try their Primo??


Hahahaha I know right


@SymBiotecLab stuff all is legit. I can pretty much guarantee very few of us have had real primo. It’s an expensive compound and most underground labs use eq or something else to pass as primo. SBL is all about his product so I can gurantee it’s going to be good