Has anyone used MK677


I will run it 30mg Ed for 100 days.


How is it going?


I got bloods done on 25mg but I was also on 3.33iu . They came back at 359. Which is really good but not sure how much I can attribute to the mk677.


I’ll keep you guys updated.

I had an intestinal tear and have been recovering. Lost lots of weight in muscle and gained a bit of fat. Just getting back at the gym. Am so weak right now, like i’m 16 years old almost…

I’ll see what 30mg ed can do along with AAS.


I am so fucking hungry. To early to tell. Sleep is good. Feel some tingling in my hands a few times. Let’s see how it goes. I have 3 months supply.


I’ve used it extensively but no more. Drastic increase in water weight and no matter what you hear, it does increase prolactin.


Hows it working for you brother? Im so hungry all the time . So hungry it hurts some days


Hey, nothing drastic.

For hunger I just take it before bed so I don’t notice it. It has a long half life so 1 dose a day is fine.


Yup thats what i do . I wake up hungry as fuck at 4am. Lol but i also use cjc so im hungry while i train . I do like mk for sure


I’m gonna try it next, right now am only using test and LGD, so I can for sure see what the lgd does, however after approximately two months, I will succumb to 3-4 weeks of superD


Nothing beats tried and true . Anabolic steroids are king. But were all driven by experience and experimentation, no peptide beats dbol or anavar. But its still fun testing compounds


Your right… but fuck dbol everything beats that


Hey now. You dont like high blood pressure and back pain when deadlifting? Or bloating? That water gain is the best side of dbol man.


Ha ha no and I also don’t like appetite killers, superD is about the only oral I use, besides me obviously tryin our LGD


And I don’t like water gains


I dont use dbol for anything but a preworkout for 2 weeks max. I do like var but thats the only 2 orals i like. I want to try the other sarms like lgd and osterine


Update on the MK. I’ve been using it for almost 3 months now. I am stopping. I don’t really see much but it’s making me really hungry and sleep is hit or miss.

I’m so hungry on it, I can curb it a bit taking it before bed. But I often wake up in the middle of the night hungry.

Don’t notice much strength or muscle gains.

Sleep is a hit or miss. I either sleep very well or I will wake up a few times and feel tired the next day.

Not a big fan tbh.


Thanks for the update brotha :+1:


Honestly I took it years ago and same thing except I stayed tired all day long it was miserable. I’ve hesrd that’s because of quality but who knows the truth on that. I’m with you I didn’t see any major results on it


The hungry part is good especially when trying to consume more food but the tired part sucks and makes it not worth it