Has anyone used MK677


I will run it 30mg Ed for 100 days.


How is it going?


I got bloods done on 25mg but I was also on 3.33iu . They came back at 359. Which is really good but not sure how much I can attribute to the mk677.


I’ll keep you guys updated.

I had an intestinal tear and have been recovering. Lost lots of weight in muscle and gained a bit of fat. Just getting back at the gym. Am so weak right now, like i’m 16 years old almost…

I’ll see what 30mg ed can do along with AAS.


I am so fucking hungry. To early to tell. Sleep is good. Feel some tingling in my hands a few times. Let’s see how it goes. I have 3 months supply.


I’ve used it extensively but no more. Drastic increase in water weight and no matter what you hear, it does increase prolactin.