Happy new year to everyone


Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!


Happy New Year brothers and sisters
Hope everyone had a great time.


Happy New Year


Happy New Year to everyone!


Happy 2019 to the UGM community!!


Happy New Year to all. Hope it was safe.


happy new year!


Define safe


Why…what did you do?


Ha ha nothing, it was prob the most mundane New Years ever we didn’t even stay up til midnight


Happy New Year UGM


Same here. Mind you my wife and I are in bed usually by 10:00 but we decided to stay up this year so we went to a friends house this year to watch ‘the ball drop’ and at about 11:30 our power went so we celebrated the new year in the dark.:+1:


Ha ha party in the dark


Let us just do it, we know we can, after all its our life and we love it , cheers and blessings to all for the coming year of prosperity and success… terry0400-40


Happy New Year ! Just back from 2018.