Hair Removal


Anyone have it? I have debated getting it done for a long time. I have a friend who had it done and she loves it. My big concern before dropping a lot of money… would using gear (not gh cuz I don’t run that yet) cause it not to work well and the hair grow back? I guess I’m looking to see if anyone knows of bodybuilders who have had it done and it worked to stay gone or was wasted effort.


I bought a laser ipo machine. Spent about $700 for it and worked great. Certain areas are easier then others. Some areas are painful. It was cheaper to buy and use in own home as needed then keep going in and it more treatments needed then doesnt cost more. My wife uses it too so it makes the investment worth it. Would definitely do it again. You just need to make sure to use a good one and with enough lenses.


Oh shit. I didn’t even realize you can do it yourself. Haha I’d be scared. But I’ll look into that route. I’m most curious on if using gear would make it grow back in no time anyway vs a normal person and make it not worth the money.


It works. But I needed more treatments then average possible because of gear. If you have your own machine it doesn’t matter cause not paying extra for it.



I have back hair like an ape and I hate it. Its so bad that I don’t I could afford laser removal. I just have my wife nair it or use my trimmer.


ipo the machine is good (my wife used it), everything depends on what your hair thickness is, because it depends on how many sessions you have to do. Try two sessions and see what will be the effect, if it will be ok after 2 sessions, there is no need to buy a machine, but if you need to do more sessions it’s better to invest and buy a machine. Few our bodybuilders used this machine with positive results so go on :slight_smile: I hope you will not cry on session because I don’t know which area you wanna do it lol

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Got mast line was killing me haha. Tbh I’d like it done everywhere but my neck/head lmaooo I may try a groupon and do what you said. First I gotta stop tanning :sob::sob:


this is a price to looking handsome :rofl:

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I spent $5200 on it and went for a year straight hair kept growing back because of gear brotha sorry for bad news :cry: soooo i just use good ol clippers and razor. Im so hairy too fkn sucks prob has nothing to do with 20 years of gearing lol


Damn that is exactly what I needed to know tho. Appreciate the news, even if it’s bad haha


Im here for you my bro