Had to cut my current cycle short


Left town on a whim due to a family emergency and will be gone for at least another couple weeks. Cut my test prop and tren ace cycle pretty much in half. Which is fine with me, I used @SymBiotecLab and got great results in the 6 i have been using it. I love their gear and if I ever decide to go international again, he will be my go to.

Now to the point of this post, for you guys who like to keep it simple. Recommend me your favorite Npp and EQ based on the verified domestic sources you have tried here.


I have only used @paramexer npp, awhile back, most of my cycles are high amounts of test only, which helps when I decide to add something I can more easily see the pros and cons of how things are going,so I enjoyed his npp,minimal pip, and it’s one of the few things that help my appetite, good gains on it, ran it at 600 a week.


I can tell you that I’m using PSL and its great 150mg/ml which is my preferred dose because of the phenyl propionate ester.
I also really like my spike to pull from the vial.
I don’t know about EQ


I’ve been wanting to try mpg and psl for a while so I think I’ll give them both a go


I can say with certainty that you probably won’t go wrong from any sponsor on the board. You really just have to choose between carrier oils and of you want Int’l or domestic.


Oh I know that bro, I just like seeing others perspective on the gear they have tried.


In that case I’ve used stuff from GC, PSL and AOL with great success from each. Smooth transactions, good gear. AOL is a bit more expensive than the ones mentioned though.


Don’t forget symbiotec


I’m going to have to try them some day.


Oh i love symbiotec, just wish it was domestic!


Thanks for your input bro


I’m thinking I’ll get even more old school and try deca again.