Gyno with one but not the other


So a little background. In my early 20’s I did a lot of prohormones when they were a thing. After a few years of not knowing what I was doing I developed gyno. I had surgery but the doc didn’t take out all of the glands.

Fast forward to now. I’m 38 and did my first cycle last year. I started with 500mg of Sustanon a week. About two weeks in I got gyno. I knocked it out with adex and nolvadex.

This cycle I have been on Test C at 600mg a week. I have been on cycle for 4 weeks. I have had absolutely no gyno. Nothing. How can this be? How can I be on one cycle and get gyno and the next approximately 4 months after ending the sustanon, I have absolutely nothing.

I feel as if I am stronger on Test C than without. I feel like I have retained some water. But I am also well aware of the placebo effect. Anyways, is this possible and has anyone had similar issues?


It’s all about estrogen control and progesterone control bro. Keep those 2 in check and you will likely never have a problem. I’m guessing since it was your first cycle you probably either didn’t really understand your AI, didn’t get your AI dialed in properly or didn’t use one properly. Maybe you finally found a dose that started working for you


I am also gyno prone and personally Sustanon is the worst for me. I dont know why, but it is, and I will never use it again. My last run was with Test-C and zero issues. I think the slower build up of testosterone makes a difference. The fast acting esters in Sust make it difficult to keep blood levels steady unless you pin ed or eod which always led me to use more than I really needed. On a side note I also feel like front-loading causes increased side effects for me.

I would be curious if you experienced any sides at week 7-8 though. When I have had gyno issues with longer acting esters it was always later in the cycle. 4 weeks is just about where blood level begin to stabilize on C. I take .5 adex eod and that helps quite a bit during cycle. I also stay below 500mg/wk now.


Are u on AI ? If so what dosage? & you were on a bad batch of test e for the first few weeks before the src sent you a new batch, the src also mentioned the bad batch had too much solventt & that decreased the test potent. So you just started the test c almost a week ago right? If so you’ll need to wait a few more weeks so basically you’re one week into cycle since the first 3 weeks you were basically pinning plain oil lol I’ve also experienced the same exact thing using the bad batch from same src… was pinning 1,800/wk front load & 4 weeks later I don’t feel a thing so we’ll just have to wait more for the new batch to kick in, but the src handled it right & replaced the bad batch so we’ll see how the new batch will treat us


What’s all this bad batch crap I’ve been seeing lately? Too much solvent, not enough compound, whatever the case… it’s bs. That’s piss poor brewing plain and simple.


I agree with @Berserker. Gyno expression is all about balancing the hormones that cause it to be expressed, mainly estrogen.

If you are new to steroid use and/or inexperienced using an AI regular blood work is advisable.

This isn’t rocket science but it is science nevertheless and requires some careful monitoring to get the desired result.


Please keep us updated on the results of the change.
Please especially let me know what’s happening. Ive been trying to keep a close eye on this.


If they can’t even brew test, which from my understanding is the easiest thing they can brew, then I wouldnt put anything from them in my body. Too much solvent?! Do they not even measure shit?! “Pours it in, heats it up, eyeballs it… yep looks good!” WTF OVER


What do you think Jim-Bob? Looks good! That’s what I thought Bo! Wait what were we doin?


I’m not currently on an AI. I have adex and nolva on hand in case I needed it. But I haven’t needed it… a blood test would be the best solution. I’m almost positive this test C is not working. I’m not the only one. An honest review is forth coming.


Yeah man, you need to get a blood test to see what’s up.


Week 5 here @ 1,800/wk ( originally planned on only 3 wks at that dose to front load but since I haven’t felt anything, continued to week 5 ) & haven’t used any AI either because there is not point to lol don’t feel nothing & waiting for new batch to kick in ( hopefully ) this src has the best customer service & communication you could as for so I really hope it goes well


Hey…that formula works for Meth cooks and it seems to be going fine.


Let’s hope your reach doesn’t over shoot your grasp. :wink:


@MuscleGod did you run bloods on the batch that you felt nothing at 1800? Not that you should need bloods at that dose but just to further back you point?


I don’t care if they overnighted a blow job… If I wasn’t feeling anything at 1800mg/WK within 4-7 days then something is wrong and time to kick that great service to the curb.


Ya ain’t kiddin’


Plaque build up from the use of anabolic steroids is effecting your memory. Is very common. :woozy_face:


Its the tren its got to be the tren


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