Gym time morning / afternoon


Ive always been a guy that works out in the afternoon, but I work as a lineman now in the south where it’s 100+ F daily in rubber gloves and sleeves. I’ve been noticing that I don’t get the drive as I want now because I’m drained from the sun. I’ve been trying to switch my routine to the morning before work, but man honestly it’s hard to get my butt out of bed and get going. So for those that made the switch to the morning what helps you get going? Or as I keep doing it my body will adjust and it will become the norm?


Years ago I used always strength train in the evening. I switched to first thing in the AM and won’t work out any other time. I love gettin’ in and gettin’ out…my workouts are more efficient and its a great feeling gettin it done. Make it a habit and you won’t regret it.


I’m trying I do feel better when I do but that initial get you ass out the bed is killing me. When you made the initial switch did you struggle?


Honestly man it will be like anything. Repetition. Soon enough it will become your norm.

So you gunna log here?


Well hell guess just gotta keep pushing myself may just need to get a few cups of coffee to jumpstart the system. I plan to log but not to this post may have posted to the wrong subject category.


I train at 4 am is awsome :muscle:


When do you usually go to bed if you don’t mind me asking?


9–10 im death :slight_smile:


Yea that’s about the time for me my son Dont go to bed till 9:30. So I probably don’t go to bed till 10:30. My routine just has to be adjusted.


Early morning workouts are the best. On nights I can’t sleep I catch myself getting a 4:30am working out in.


I always hear that plus with my job afternoons are becoming harder and harder. Do y’all usually eat before workout or after?


I eat before workout usually about 45 minutes before, and then protein shakes within 15 minutes after workout


Shake before gym and after solid meal


I train in the am brotha just keep doing it and itll become the norm for you too! Just gotta push yourself mentally and the body will follow


@Czworeczki I don’t know if it’s just me or if others have the same issue, after a good hard work out, it’s like my stomach won’t allow me to eat very much after workout, I can stomach enough shake to go down but it takes me a good solid 1-2 hours to be able to smash some good food down!


I dont have that problem im always hungry :slight_smile: , always wait that 20 - 30 minuts after and i eat , eat straight after traning its not good idea


Protein shake before and after. I’ll also get a good meal in after.


For me training schedule is easy because I own my own time. I train 2x per day (am/pm) and nutrient timing is solely based on goals. When I do eat I try to avoid shakes and prefer whole foods over sport supplements.

When I did have a j.o.b. training was tough. Managing a work schedule and family time makes a regular training schedule difficult. It took sacrifice but I rarely sacrificed important family time for training (my wife would say different). What I always tried to do is organize my training around times that didn’t take away from my other responsibilities and I did my best to not beat myself up when I missed a workout. A single workout does not make the man. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Morning workouts or lunch time breaks seemed the best times for me.

Unless you are going to compete or a paid photo op I wouldn’t take training too seriously. Sure prioritize it but I wouldn’t let it prevent me from living a content life.


First time in 30 years I’m having this same dilemma . Hopefully , this little town is getting a gym that is 24hrs soon. One gym open til 8pm. I’ve been trying 5am, lunch I get 1.5 hrs and 6pm. For 13 years I worked overnight but only 3 or 4 days so my whole schedule was everyday up at night sleep days
I found the best time for me 9 - 11pm. Its been harder than I thought. But as @SemperFi wrote its not number one and the workouts take place. Lunch at 12 to 1 with cardio am or pm with abs or calves works decent. I actually did 22 sets of chest in 30 min.


Tough life in Botswana huh?