Gym rants


worst head ache all day that finally almost 1 am trying to go away…ruined my cardio day…trying to think if i should still try and get some gym in…seeing that i have one just below my feet lol!.. been trying to sleep it off all day pills didnt work… finally probably the last set i took helped…so question…trying to switch up…so what would you do?..weights and 30 minutes cardio every gym day or one day weights and one day 65 minutes of cardio like i am doing now? should i stick with what i am doing…its still working…or do the other…anyways…i think i talked myself into a light chest work out…then later this mornjng…cardio…then in the evening shoulders and more of those awesome side bends…i will throw in some tricepts too. want to get my arms going nice…summer is around the corner you know ! lol!


while having my bcaa…if anyone takes it…what is the best brand you think…honestly…away from helping me get through my fasting and not loose muscle mass which it seemed to have helped with…i heard that when fasting…not to take the bcaa because it resets the fasting effect messes it up…but i think it does that for those who dont have a heavy gym training schedule and just relies on the fasting. i have been getting great results from the combination but, if u do take the bcaa, whats the best one in your opinion? i just got the first thing i saw offered what i wanted lean mass growth…muscle recovery and increases protein synthesis.


For you bro and your goals I would say make sure you are hitting cardio each day. Gym 5 days a week hitting each body party. You could switch it up and do something weeks of 3-4 days a week and all out full body workouts on those days. Staying consistent with your diet will be your biggest key.

Are you doing intermittent fasting or how long are you fasting for?


thanks man. it varies…between 12 and 24 hrs . so with appetite aid, coffee, bcaa. a couple days i may eat a meal at 3 or 4…another between 7…7 30…and then not again till 3 or 4 in the late afternoon the next day…or i may just have a meal 6 and nothing till 4 pm the next day…with the yohombine it helps alot so when i eat…and its all lean i dont eat alot…maybe 6 to 800 calories at most and then i loose that is my 65 minute cardio…it cool in a way when you can feel your body use up all u just ate sometime cus after a while in cardio start to get slight hunger deal and stomach growling. this is all timed pretty good and was easy for me because i had two months off. now about to start working fasting will not be as easy because my job in physical…so i will switch back to salads and lean meats with calories restriction.


Had a nice little gym time in my gym last night did some leisurely chest work out…got started around 1 40 am…got done at 3 40. fell asleep closr to 5 got up at 8. i cannot seem to sleep…been having sleep issues for a lil bit…any suggestions on some safe sleep aid that work? i am at the point where i need to try some. like today i tried to lay down longer anx fall back asleep so i could get enough rest…bug that head ache trying to come back…i get head aches if my body thinks i am resting too long… so after a certain time of laying down…i will get a head ache lol!!


Have you been tested for sleep apnea or had a sleep study?


no. i may have to give it a try. i know the wierdest thing happened twice mid last year…i woke up and both my eyes were burning and watering and i couldnt see out the one and really blurry out the other…as if there was lack of flow to my head for a few when i woke up…twice it happened…never ever had that so those two occurances were kinda scary. so maybe i should look into that.


yesterday another headahe ruined my whole day and almost threatened my gym time. it finally went away at 9 pm…and was abld to squeeze shoulders in…i guess on those two sick days. i did get something in. something is always better than notbing


If you want to email me, you need to go for a sleep study. It could be more important than blood work. Researchers are finding so much attributed to sleep apnea and obstructive sleep apnea. Plus, it could be many secondary things,like insulin resistance r/t apnea. First things first, your primary care physician will definitely sign off on a sleep study if you tell him what’s going on. Some people experience over 200 events per night. Basically, think of your airway being shut off for 20 seconds every couple minutes, like getting a pillow over your head then when you do breath ,usually people will snore or stay at under 90 % sPo2 or oxygen saturation. There are some real telltale signs, headache, feeling tired all day, can actually lay down anywhere or fall asleep at the wheel. If it is causing you some of these things and you get a cpap machine, you will feel like a million bucks. Skinny, big ,men ,women can affect anyone.


wooo. for a while i was falling asleep behind tge wheel and could fall asleep any where and tired all the time…i do snore some. i had attributed that to depression, being way overweight and all the high salt fat and carbs and grease and very low testosterone. i knew big people are huge candidates for sleep apnea. i thought just the snoring may be…but never guessed all that other stuff. wow!..i will ask my doc on next visit to try it.


oh geeze…been back to work this week and i tell ya…with the stress and such of the day then having to get up early…so i get home by 8 cus this project is an hr from me…and i work with my best buddy the sabatager lol!..knows i am on a mission…tries to get me to stop out and eat in places that is just not good but i have been refusing…and then stretching out the getting home time so that i may not want to work out when i get in lmao! but i have been doing it and have been making steady progress. i am looking forward to our next challenge so it can light a fire under my ass even more to get me in rocket mode…i used to call myself…the shape shifter lol!!..this happened during my early battles after injury where i would gain alot of weight then in no time i would be back and better than the last…this round is a lil tougher for various reasons but with all those obsticles…i must say i am doing pretty darn ok and may still be able to own that nick name lmao! from sept 9th to now i went from a waist 46 44 to curently a comfortable 38 and loking to be a solid 36 by march 1st. if i can do this…i will only have 6 more sizes to get to my goal waist size and if i can get to 28 29 by july i would have beaten my record between 2008 and 2009 when i went from 300 lbs to 220 with a 33 34 waist.


Way to not Give into temptation bro. That’s great. Keep busting ass. Even without a competition you still need to keep going. Post up a log like I said in the log section and we will follow along.


ok for sure​:grinning::grinning: