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so diet today was very little food actually i has like 4 oz of chicken breast and coffee this morning…then i had a gatorade…a sugar andncarb free energy drink…3 16 oz bottled water and i ate a hand full of mixed nuts throughout the day…the one you see here…

i had another cup of coffee before i went for cardio and weights when i got in from work…got home at 8 30…usually i try not to work on weekenda but had to today…

so for cardio…the damn display blanked out…i guess the scan feature became faulty and jammed and blanked on the heart rate read out…so i had no way to gage things to see where i was at till after the work out it displayed results…so i was eapecially short on the calories burnt on this one…so i guess i will x the hr band and read out…but here is the result of that…

then i did some stretching and 8 sets of 64 crunches then i went to assisted pullups with the 300lbs capacity resistance band…i am now 12 pull ups easilly…the goal is to get to 15…then i should be able to do 8 to 10…without assiastance…


8 sets of 12 pull ups

total pullups…96

then i did the incline bench row…where my knee is up on the seat stomach to the bench chin over the top…under arm grip

75 lbs…20 reps…2 sets

super set with close grip diamond pus ups with knee on seat…30 push ups in between each set

95 lbs…20 reps…2 sets

super set with close grip diamond pus ups with knee on seat…30 push ups in between each set

115 lbs…20 reps…2 sets

super set with close grip diamond pus ups with knee on seat…30 push ups in between each set

total row reps… 120 reps

total diamond half pushups…180 pushups

for post work out meal i had 6 eggs…2 with yolks and the rest egg whites only and water


so here it is…the sunday weigh in…i dont think i tried hard enough…

i did drop a solid lbs. so i will take that…i will have to do things a lil differently the next two weeks…


Good you take positive with the negative, maybe you didn’t drop what you wanted to, but you dropped something, ha ha throw some of that weight my way and I will throw you some of my super accelerated metabolism


message me the shipping address! :joy::joy::joy::joy:


@John i hear there can be pretty nice gains with deca. i imagine u are trying that?.. if so…how long so far and any change i anything at all for u? but i wish i had your issue rn lol!!.. but as they say…becareful what we wish for lol!.. cus with you having hell with a crazy high metab and you are trying to gain is frustrating and at timed discouraging i imagine.


The only time I truely blew up was running deca and npp but my dick didn’t work either, also the past 3 months I have actually stuck to a legit high carabiner/protein/ cal diet before that I was not eating properly, I have managed to put on about 4 lbs in the past 3 weeks since running @Iron_Junkie_Labs npp


nice…thats good. lol!! well. i know then maybe i will stay away from deca :rofl::rofl::rofl: dont want to mess up my drive. i didnt know it would do that. so good to know. i was interested in it for connective tissue/ joints as main benefits…but i know it increases appetite…which i have no problem battling. but awesome that you found a combination and source that is going to help you out nicely.


Yes it’s called deca-dick, if I use either deca or npp by itself no problems but combined=problems for me anyways, maybe not for others ya know


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: well …no decca dick for me lol!! i just git the courage to try this animal flex product…i had bought it a bit ago and went to use it but on the lable on the inside there was all theae reasons why i shouldnt use it…blood presdure…arturitis<—which is why i got it so it can help me so i can do squats and exercises in affected areas so i can help strengthen and creat better mobility and circulation…it listed …i was like its for joints i thought though lol!! i decided to give it a go today instead of seeking out deca for now lol!..guess it was meant to be…i already battled dick issues with very low test now that i am fine dony want to go mess it uo again :rofl::rofl::rofl:


so like…wwway back in nov. per recommendation…i bought this…

it had the perfect make up in the facts and how to take and made me like wow this is it…then i opened the can and saw a bunch of warnings that were not on the warning label outside the can…the one ouside the can made me go…sweet!! no issues or bunch of interractions!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

then i got to the pull seal under the lid…and i came to a screeching halt…EEEEERK!!!

today now that i have pretty much taken care of the severe osteo arthuritis in both hips and now the pain is just coming from my disc i took the dive and took my first pack to see how it affects me…i want to start doing squats and such as i couldnt at all before mess with my lower half…i like it because i feel any product that may be banned by some athletic institutions only means to me that the shit is good and it give a superior advantage :rofl::rofl: so if any one has a history with this product good or bad or any caution. i would def. love to get the added advice…i originally got it during the time my joints were were really bad and the doc wouldnt prescribe deca…so i was searching for supplemental solution to help me with the joinst so i can use them and stregthen them and get better…but after i saw the…do nit use if there is arthuritis…i was confused and didnt risk taking it and u also had high blood pressure…my vision sucks but never got that tested to see if its glaucoma…that does run in my family lol!!…let me know…but the original suggestion to get this product was right on and has everytging i need and i want to start really getting into things…


I got a marine buddy a mine that swears by that stuff to!


i was editing i had posted what u saw by accident and didnt realize it could still be seen while in edit…but…your response does fall in line so cool…and he is a marine and i know they do some crrraaaazy shit with training…so major plus with that imput @John…its reassuring.


the other day i was at work and i am prescribed hydrocodone… which i take sparingly because i hate pain meds…to me its like giving in and says i am not well lol!! but i carry it and when i am sore and could use the releif i take it…it also gives me that adderall affect and puts me in a great mood and more productive. especially the mental affect is more so cus its a stronger script than my first one…so i would get 90 of them…i only take one any given day as needed…alot of times i go week and dont take it…i only get a refill maybe once a year…so as u can see i dont abuse the stuff just when i absolutley need it…

so any ways…i love orange juice…the fresh sqeezed they make at a local grocery store. .so… i had realized that i felt almost nothing every time i chased the pill with the orange juice before but i put that as maybe i developed a tollerance…

so i was at work… the other day…i was craving orange juice …and often my mind goes on a processing frenzy and so in thinking of it i got to thinking of the sugars and benefits and does it fit in with my plan and i may have to stop it completely…

and so i was in pain and i took a pill…i take it with aleive or asperin because hydrocodone is for nerve and i also could use a lil upper at the moment was a long day…

my buddy text me that he picked up some orange juices…i was working and my mind got to going again…and if the sugars would help transfer the pain pills better like carbs or sugars with protein…and then it hit me…

citrus interactions with orals?? …so i looked it up…we all know about grapefruit juice and blood pressure/ heart med…but i thought logically that it would apply to any citrus based product would affect the potency and absorbtion to meds and supplements alike…its only logical…

then it explained that when i did take the hydro before…and chased it with orange juice the hydro did not work and i stayed in pain…i didnt even get that happy calm feel lol!!..

i knew that with adderal though it states not to have orange juice or citrus as it will interfere with the drug…

so i have been meaning to share this idea here…and maybe consider avoiding consuming citrus while taking orals as it may lessen or mute the affects…and prevent adequate absorption of the oral…

link below. .


ok…so today was strange diet…so

u remember those pierogis…my buddy dropped off 10 in a bag at my door so i decided to freeze them and eventually eat them?..well last Saturday i had 3 because i had not eaten all day and i was getting ready to head out and i was sore and took some pain meds and needed something to coat my stomach so i had 3 of them real quick…ok

so today…i ate the rest of them at around noon…no more temptation sitting in my fridge and i realized he made sure he gave me only the potatoe and bacon stuffed ones and none of the lighter ones i found out…so…those 7 pierogies was all i ate today…average pierogis are 70 calories each…i would put these at around 90 calories on the higher end…then the rest of the day i had coffee…

so cardio…the damn screen went out again so i lost where i was but the readings came up…i couldnt gage where i was for backwards and forwards and such…i have to change the unit ugh it over 400.00 to replace did it once already the other fried a couple weeks back because i was sweating too much on the pad and i guess it got under the touch pad and fried…ugh…so the back up is faulty…any ways…

for weights i did MUCH NEEDED shoulders tonight…so i feel good about that…i have been feeling bad i have neglected that and some times get a exercise is as a super set to a main un related work out…so…

arnolds…classic ones …seated…

20 lbs…20 reps…2 sets

super set with 20 left/right upper cuts with the 20 lbs between each of those sets

25 lbs…15 reps…2 sets

super set with 15 left/right upper cuts with the 25 lbs between each of those sets

30 lbs…12 reps…2 sets

super set with 15 left/right upper cuts with the 30 lbs between each of those sets

35 lbs…10 reps…2 sets

super set with 12 left/right upper cuts with the 35 lbs between each of those sets

total arnolds…114 reps
total upper cuts…124 reps

then i went to the cable ans did side latterals

20 lbs…20 reps…6 sets

super set with tricept push down…110 lbs…30 reps…6 sets…a set after each left/right side latterals

total side latterals…120 reps
total tricepts push down…180 reps

then i did small cambered bar rear traps shrugs…on the cable

(ignore the empty box of chocolates…those were back in october and it took me two months to nibble away at that small box of 16 …1/2 in wide by 2 inch long sticks…normally it would have taken me 10 minute or less the moment i got it to finish the whole thing!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:)

110 lbs…25 reps…2 sets
130 lbs…25 reps…2 sets
150 lbs…25 reps…2 sets

total shrugs…150 reps

that concludes the work out

for my post work out …meal…there was none instead i had …this…

if anyone can suggest a better brand of the two above please let me know :smiley::smiley:

and i am going to have a nice glass of metamucil…orange flavor…i use that to curb my appetite cus it swells up in my stomach and take away the hunger enough till i fall asleep


Make sure you are getting in that protein bro!! If you have days where you’re eating less than 1000 cals (I’d argue you should never be that low) you neee to make sure you’re getting protein for all of that. You also wanna be getting healthy fats in for health reasons and brain and heart. We need to get you on a meal plan. You’d really see these results kick into overdrive if you did. Regardless way to keep grinding.


you are absolutely right. i am going to be on a soup diet this week and next week. it will have tons of chicken . i know i need to be better…but i actually once i get in this mode…feel food is the enemy so i try to eat very little. i will work on changing that. i will make a more full bodied soup for the next two weeks as well as get back on the gla that i hace…borage oil. that is rich in fatty acids as well as it increases fat burning while keeping appetite at bay. after that i will go back to the meals that i was doing before as u saw with the pre work out and post work out but weigh the proteins per serving this time. still trying to keep that calories in versus calories out deal going. any suggestions as well is awesome. i know a while back i think @rnmuscle mentioned in a post a about a particular nut as a snack to get that was pretty good have to find out about that so i can get it.


Im so fucking jealous of your home gym brother. I also have a home set up but you have a couple of extra items that I would kill to have. A lat pull down and bottom row cable. I also dream about having the dumbbell set like that so I don’t have to always change my weight


I do agree with fit eat a clean 1200 cals and then just let the cardio and lifting use the fuel. I would like to add that you are actually burning muscle mass when eating such a small amount of macros per day


Yesss agreed!


yes completely right. and i see this…i should know better…but i just get a lil obsessive where …propper reasoning goes out the window. and if i am nog careful i would throw myself on just liquids…thats a battle with my self cus i want it done months ago!

i do see that my muscular gains arnt happening like it should and i know its because of the eating too little…

i will fix that shortly…i was going to make the soup very brothy but i have revised…so i will do it for two weeks as a meal and continue the other meals as well but measured…where as before i was planno g the soup twice a day and one broth. which would have totalled 700 calories about in an effort to drop more…but i will change up. great advices. thank you so much! :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley: