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Didn’t have time to read it all but looks like you’re still killin it bro.


trying lol!!


so…last night i didnt get gym in i got in late and knew i had to get up at 6 and be out the door shortly after. had to beat the crown at the dmv for renewal. but i ate pretty descent…because i missed work out i didnt have another meal…so for lunch i had yester day…2 small cups of soups and 4 chicken things at this asian restaurant. i took the rest of the big bowl of soup home…

then for small snack i had a hand full of a trail mix and small orange juice

going to get a workout and cardio im tonight thoughs so i can relax a little…i get un easy a lil miserable if i miss gym time so i am bothered till i get it in lol!!

weigh in on the 8th as i mentioned so we will see if i got the 5 lbs off i am trying for since last weigh in.


ok today breakfast…our favorite waitress always hooks us up and she brings out, what she thinks I still want and I couldn’t have the heart to tell her no. so she brought out a big bowl of fruits which is a lot of carbs but I guess it’s okay and a large orange juice… but I still got my regular salad with my four scrambled eggs and 4 turkey sausages which this time I only ate barely 1/2 of the eggs and a couple turkey sausages and it took the rest with me and I had that as a snack in the middle of the day.

Then when I came home at around 8:30 I had a salad with one little piece of chicken I save the rest of it for after my workout and I’m just going to have those few pieces of chicken breasts that was from the salad for little bit of protein and go to bed

i ate way more than normal today oh well…it was a long and rough day…been up since 6 am yesterday and just now getting ready for bed…had to get gym in…but

i didnt get cardio…i realize that i cannot sleep at all if i do late cardio. so i have to figure this cardio thing out with work sxedule etc…i may ha e to just lay off weights all weekends and do cardio friday night…saturday afternoon and night and sunday afternoon and night and just stick to weights monday through thursday. and really tighten up on mu calories in versus out and just make sure there is enough protein to feed the muscles and rest…so any ways

my work out…shoulder day…with other random super sets

arnolds (but with a twist…elbows does not come down past your shoulders and you bring your elbows to close in front of you 90 degrees back open to the side and press up. this keeps contant tension through out all reps for the set.)

25 lbs…20 reps…2 sets
30 lbs…15 reps…4 sets
35 lbs…10 reps…2 sets

120 reps total

then i did seated side lateral raises with dumbells

15 lbs…15 reps …6 sets
20 lbs…10 reps …2 sets

in between all sets i did alternate 90 degree elbows in front …shoulder hight…
palms upwards and pump up…15 reps each side…8 sets

total of…110 reps of side latterals
total of…120 pumps

cable cross over using incline bench…knees on seat…stomach and chest flat against the seat …criss cross cable and lift out for rear delts

20 lbs…20 reps…10 sets

the last 5 sets i did 30 incline close grip pushups using the bench i was on from the same position as the cable exercise.

total of 200 reps of rear delts
total of 150 close pushups

then i did cambered upright rows super set with with straight bar tricepts push down on the cable machine.

upright rows…

60 lbs…20 reps…2 sets
70 lbs…20 reps…2 sets
80 lbs…20 reps…2 sets
90 lbs…15 reps…2 sets

total of 150 8 reps

straight bar tricepts pushdown in the cable machine.

70 lbs…20 reps…2 sets
80 lbs…20 reps…2 sets
90 lbs…20 reps…2 sets
100 lbs…20 reps…2 sets

total of…160 reps

that concludes that gym time


ok. so for tonight i just did an hr cardio…got in at 10 pm from work. just ate salads today.


so here it is…march 8th…sadly i am 1 lbs short of my goal of 245.

10 days ago i was at 250.

i do notice a slight difference in myscularity than before

i am happy however that i lost the 4 lbs.

and i can now button a 36…its tight but it buttons and zips. so i reached my expected goal for that.

so…in two more week…14 days this time i will expect to be in the 230’s…goal is 235.

unfortunately this goal is going to be tougher because today is my b day and this weekend there are some occasions which there will be some eating…i decided i will order a large dish of meat and veggies to take home and save…then i will eat a large meatless sallad or two small ones…so i may enjoy a pretty large piece of cake lol!!!..but i plan o earning it…on sunday there are plans to go to the polish restaurant…so actually that will be a dangerous day…i will stick to salads and meats…i may have some carbs…either way if i eat 2500 or 3000 calories that day i plan on earning 1000 of it in cardio and another 800 in heavy descently long weights work out the same day…i know i will have cake and plenty bad foods left over…i will save those by freezing and treating myself each goal i hit from then on. so this next two weeks will be rocky…but i will keep it going​:smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


Always enjoy those days. Remember we wake up the next day we are lucky. Enjoy family and friends ,unfornutely for most of us food is very very important, like an opiate for the masses!


yes. i imagine once i am solid muscles and my fat mass is way down. i will require more calories at that point i am all for more calories…but it will be alll clean. still very low to no processed carbs or sugars …except coffee creamer…i will get my carbs through veggies and fruits…how ever if i should compete…i do understand on the day of i will have to carb up with the flours lol!! to make the muscles pop! :rofl::rofl:


…Or a bit more than that, if you chose. It matters if you want to remember the night or not.:grin:


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: well…:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Looking dedicated to me. I believe that you can be a real inspiration to alot of others brother keep killing it I love the workout dungeon also.


thank u so much. i am trying. at the end of april going to start hitting regular gyms on some days. since i have the memberships may as well use them hopefully i can snag a training partner…then it will be fire! with a training partner i know i will almost double my progress for sure.


ok so yesterday …the 8th…sorry its after 1 am now…still on friday schedule lol!..i spent my evening after work sending over 100 thank yous…so that scratched work out…i ate pretty small…all i had to today was a house salad…a part of my oriental grilled chicken salad…i just ate the greens and 1 sliver of chicken and left half the salad eith all the chicken…i gave it to my buddy who was starving after work…and he ate that and we went through mcdonalds and he got a 1/4 pounder meal​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: i just got a sweet tea half cut…half sweet and half unsweet… but during the day at work i had 3 hanfulls of trail mix…all nuts dried cranberries and coconut strips…when i got home…had a huge cup of coffee before i did my cardio later
tonight…the 9th…

so…i got cardio in
8 sets of 64 crunches and stretched a lil…i almost got the 900 cal mark on that cross trainer that kicks my ass…soon enough grrrr!!!..if i had 1 more minute i would have gotten it…oh well lol!!

i ate nothing after just went to bed…

this is goig to be a challenging weekend :rofl::rofl::rofl:


ok so got my first gym in…cardio…so its 5 pm amd i had not had first meal yet since last time i ate yesterday lol!..i didnt go all out because of lack of enough energy and calories…not will…i focused more on the resistance to help tone and tighten up my lower half. and improve mobility/strengthen…

i quickly went to my apt and guzzled a 16 oz bottle of water with glutamine and bcaa in it and about to have my first meal.


ok so for my second and last meal i had about 6 ounces of chicken with a cup of baby lima beans.

so incline bench press…

155 lbs…2 sets…15 reps each
175 lbs…2 sets…12 reps each
195 lbs…2 sets…10 reps each

drop set…

195…4 reps
175…6 reps
155…8 reps
135…10 reps

total of 102 reps

second exercise on the pacific fitness del mar selectorized…

flat bench…

70 lbs…25 reps…2 sets
80 lbs…25 reps…2 sets
90 lbs…25 reps…2 sets
100 lbs…20 reps…2 sets
110 lbs…20 reps…2 sets
120 lbs…20 reps…2 sets
130 lbs…15 reps…2 sets
140 lbs…15 reps…2 sets
150 lbs…12 reps…2 sets

total of 252 reps

then i went to incline bench cable flys as my last exercise

30 lbs…20 reps…2 sets
40 lbs…15 reps…2 sets
50 lbs…12 reps…2 sets

total of…94 reps.

that concludes my second gym time for saturday march 10th


ok…so i went to thee polish buffet. and i just knew i was going to carb out…actually…i had no desire to nor did i…i had no carbs actually…i pigged out on meats lol!! all that talk…lol!..i knew i might jave folded…and its ok…cus i wore a comfortable 36 waist panta today and after all that eating i still feel good in the pants…this is ecitingans now know for sure by april first i van do a comfortable 34 waist…which means before summer i will be a waist 32 and below 200 lbs!!! wohooo!! i cannot wait! here is a record of the damage…i went up twice

So needless to say I will be earning all that today in gym time :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I am going to have to come train there…THE DUNGEON…I love the PAC FIT incline!!! Looks better than the startrac! Good job , brother, Keep moving forward. Lifters are a different breed, 1%, we get whacked by life but still train, eat, keep going forward. Many people think its weird(my expoeriuence) while the plop on couch with their bourbon or whatever and your trying to get your cardio in.


Cornbeef looks good I just bought 5lbs for st pats day


i loove cornbeef. there are a few places around where i am that give huge servings for st patrick’s day. this place that i went had endlesa and its going till next weekend lol!


thank alot :smiley::smiley::smiley: its nice to be in my own little world in there…everything i have in there came from craigs list and paid a 1/4 or less of used store value for them. my crippled self snuck them all in and set them up when my buddy wasnt around that owns the building…he raises hell every time i get a new one…but he gave up though…he actually helped me move the elliptical in…well he caught me sneaking it in lmao and offered to help lol!..but by end of april i am going to start hitting regular gyms tos switch up a little…and for night when i just cant make it or feel lazy…i can come home and throw myself on my gym and end up getting something in lol!!