Gym Rants - Fitstudboi Log


So last nights gym…

30 minute slow paced cardio. Was pretty sore from the day.

Then the guy i trained with we did some leg extensions…four sets of single…alternating…10 reps…then 4 sets of both legs at the same time . 15 reps each

Then we went to flat bench…3 sets of 10 to 12 super set with 3 sets if triceps push downs.

Then three sets of dumbbell incline flies. 3 sets of 12 …super set with 3 sets or triceps reverse grip pull downs with the little str8 bar…bot arms at the same time not alternating…12 reps each…

Then i finished with incline barbell press. 3 sets if 12.

That concluded saturday nights gym time.


Bro what kind of training is this? Why aren’t you following what I sent you?


Its not official…its interim to get me on the train…he was the individual i mentioned in prior logs that i got to help me with my mobility and stretching…these are just periods to help me get back fully in the swing of things as u know i have been out of for six month due to obsurd schedule…i reached out to him during those times to also be a physical present reminder.

This evening as i mentioned to you i am downloading on pc to begin to follow…this is not just nutrition but you weight program. As you will see starting this coming week.

I wanted to get back close to up to speed where i left off strength wise so i can make the most use of your weight training part of the program

So just doing some random reconnective preliminary stuff.

I will print out your weight training program to begin to follow this week. And he will be instrumental in spotting and getting those extra reps and safely working to fatigue so i dont go ripping out my shoulders again like last time fatiguing alone :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Bro just jump in and do it. That’s all there is too it. You can do this. Quit uses crutches bro throw them away and jump in feet first and let’s do this.


You have the best guiding you don’t follow a blind man


Yes i will. I will be sending u that report this evening and u will have proof of following this coming week…promise :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


Yes i know and a wicked physical example as he is. So obviously he does it right! So i am confident i am in the right hands and plan on making the best of this great opportunity :smiley::grinning:


I only am hard on you because sometimes we need tough love and that push of confidence. Remember you only fail if you don’t try or attempt it.


I’m going to get with titan training
You wanna know why because I don’t believe that anyone else can tell me what to do.
@PHD is the real deal and if I got some punk who acted like a coach I would probably tell him to you know what but @PHD is the real deal and I want a chance to take advantage of the real deal.
Plus I know he is gonna try to kill me during training for all the bs we have been through LOL

I’m serious @PHD it won’t be until March probably mid March ut I’m going to get with you I just have alot of other things going on now that you already know about


Hahahahs thanks bro. Hahahahaha yes torturous plan lol joking you know I got you and whenever you’re ready let me know


Yes. Comletely for sure :smiley::smiley::smiley:


So i finally got a adobe reader to install and work on my pc…i didn’t have one and all my programs i had and office was removed by windows update updating to new windows apparently…at will…

So working on @phd report etc…please allow another day had to reinstall office…acrobat reader professional um…free kind. Ya! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: thank goodness i have all my free expensive professional versions of programs saved on a drive…


Did alot of gym today …sunday feb 10…i know its monday…but this was all done yesterday sunday…i just didnt get a chance to post…so here…

Fasted cardio

Oh did i tell u i weighed in…ok…last week was not good…for lunch on tuesday there was a giant juicy piece of corn bread thrown in with my very healthy grilled chicken salad…

Then later that evening…i was bought a small thin crust pizza with just chicken and and spinach and sauce…no cheese…so a dry cheese less pizza…the problem was…crust…then on wedness day i had a healthy meal…but was surprised with nachos for appetizer…i was starving so i tried just a few…then…another few…and …a few more…u get the picture :rofl:…so it was just two days really not three…felt like 3…but when i weighed in on thursday?!?..228…i just about died…and this sunday morning? 226…so it was a bust…my faul in the worst way…that traumatic moment on thursday moved me to get those damn meal prep u saw there and get on phd’s program which i should have been on the moment things settled 5 weeks ago…any ways

The sad weight pic

Then my other gym session was 30 minutes of cardio and some weights for 40 minutes with the dude i train with…this week though starting tonight i will be on phd weight training program.

So second cardio…

This concludes rants and gym report for sunday feb 10th…

Oh did i tell you my other 20 containers came?! Yes they are more durable that the first set.

Yes i know i have issues why the hell over 70 containers!!!..when it rains it pours with me :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Ok…better leave now its after 3 am ugh!



I just got 20 to


I want to get in on these new containers but there isn’t anything wrong with my old ones lol
Once they turn to dust or I’m so hungry one day I eat them then I will order the new ones lol




Did you see my comment the other day sometimes I get lazy and just throw em out…




I’m not to bad though a box of 20 will last me a couple months


Ok…so monday night cardio before chest work out…gonna go drink a bottle and a half of water and get to chest…

So…cross ramp machine…


Ok so just finish monday chest work out. I didnt get to my push ups i was planning at the end…but i may tomorrow…well…later today


I last to first exercise…i wanted to do decline bench but i took that down a while back. I could have done it on my selectorised pacific fitness machine but wouldn’t have felt much. So i did seated dips on this machine…

15 reps
12 reps
12 reps
10 reps

Went up in weight each set…

I did flies…dont have a peck deck… could have used the cable cross over machine with a bent raised up to chair position but i did dumbbell flies instead.

I just stuck with the 30s and did for sets of 20…focussing on for and contraction.

I did flat bench barbell press. Medium grip…

5 sets

15 reps
12 reps
10 reps
5 reos
5 reps

Went up in weight each set

For my first work out i did incline barbell press
5 sets .

15 reps
12 reps
10 reps
6 reps
6 reps

Went up in weight each set

So monday night gym completed…got that cardio in as well so pretty happy i got in a descent gym time :smiley::smiley::smiley: