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had to make a work out call…to gym or not to gym
…i have not been resting well at all. and ofcourse with my joint issue that was doing so well beginning to sore a lil more. the last two nights of work outs i didnt feel the pump as i normally would if there is enough rest. so as hard as it is for me not to gym it… i will do what i know i should do and rest tonight. last night i was soo tired more than half way into my work out…still had a nice work out…but not tbr same as a well rested working out…i am very tired from cumulated days of not enough sleep. it does catch up…to be honest…i can take my dark stone dust prework out…then i def wont sleep and be in worse shape than good :rofl::rofl::rofl:…so…i will rest tonight and gym it through sunday…


cool dungeon gym. I always say im spoiled by the new equipment. I still consider hammer and flex new because no one gets the very best(not the most expensive) of each line. 25 years ago ,I was lucky or unlucky enough to train and live off student loans in Hawaii(Oahu). I worked at the gym. took the bus. If you knew it back then youll get it. great gym. I became very popular and very well known. The excellent pro Alan inchonose,got into a bit of trouble and here comes this big stranger with his suitcase, I gotta write the book. Anyway I survived but a Guy had a dungeon gym that was perfect adjacent to his business. reminded me of that. Whenever ive had any trouble going to the gym, I freestyle it. I lose all logs, splits and just geta pump with exercises i love. If your tired and you have to do squats and you hate them, fuck it. Do 10 sets of leg ext -ss- legcurls get a pump. Your legs dont really know where they get the damage from. "the devil is in the details"sometimes. I gotta laugh, if you(me) could always do the “weider principles”!!! honestly listening tom your body, flushing the muscle, and the 50 others!


thank you so much @rnmuscle. i started creating it some years back as a solution to my schedule …being very body and image embarassed and my injuries. was too embarassed to go to the gym. i still have two regular gym memberships…but i also knew with how my life was and surrounded by people not of the same interest like me…i fell into the wrong world because of my injury beleive it or not lol!! and my injuries would worsen with yoyo weight gain…been just a mess…so i created it so if nithing else…when i finally had enough…i can zone out in my own little world in my hole gym and get it together…

i am way too embarassed to go to a regular gym knowing when i am done i may have the worst time getting out of their because of the pain in my hips and lower back and people looking and seeing me like that…so once i get to a point i will be hitting the regular gyms…and my gym will be for those days that i couldnt make it out or just too out of it to go out to one…but soo much in the zone i have to get something in i will just drag myself in it.

i am soo glad i have it and created it…over the years it served me as a constant reminder of what i should be doing when i wasnt…it kept me conscious of a battle i need to get to and overcome and maintain… to constantly look at it and hit mysel saying i have all that whats my excuse…i should not be in the way i am…it kept me current to the need.

there is a saying…out of sight out of mind…its true…so i was also solving that saying lol! i was also hoping my best buddy who owns the building…who also used to be fit would atleast use it…to help him get fit and well. he doesnt want to admit its usefull by using it because he really doesnt want it there and says he plans on building wn apt…for 10 years now ,:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

but i am soo glad i have it…its saving my ass/life and it is my only tool in this mission. only thing i wish i had was the cybex horizontal leg press…looking into a selectorized ab crunch machine…i love gym and machines…i would have a warehouse full if i could :joy::joy::joy::joy:


glad i listened to my body and rested…soreness in my joints and lower back gone…my muscles from the last two work out are popping and i feel the tightness…there is a thinking…you dont grow in tbe gym…but when you are asleep… ( but AFTER the gym…after the gym :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:)

so i will be back at it tonight with shoulders and light legs and cardio woo hoooo!!:smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


today early lunch…

today i also had a can of carb free sugar free energy drink…i have those usually during the day when at work

just had my pre work out meal…just a bowl 8f stir fry veggies and some glutatine mixed with bcaa witb a bottle if 5 hr energy thrown in there.

tonight will be shoulders and cardio…i will tell u all the stuff that went on with that after i am done.

baking a 6lbs turkey breast. will have some of thay with a glass of water after work out.


tonight shoulder deal was alright…i feel a nice pump…


i did a warm up set with just the bar…millitary press…25
2×25lbs plates 25 reps 4 sets
2×30lbs plates 20 reps 4 sets
2×35lbs plates 15 reps 4 sets
240 reps

dumbell side latteral raises

20 lbs 25 times 6 sets
25 lbs 20 times 6 sets
270 reps

raise the roof palms up heel of palm facing in 25 lbs…25 reps alternating × 6 superset bicepts curls 25 lbs…25 reps × 6 alternating

diagonal elbow kick backs with 25 lbs simultaneously 25 reps × 6 sets

150 reps

dumbell shrugs with 65 lbs in both hands 30 reps × 4 sets

120 reps

780 reps total for shoulder work out.

aunt called during shrugs…after set two…what i thought would have been a couple minutes at most…was a 40 minute call ugh! so didnt get tricepts or cardio in…later tonight i will then. its almost 1 am…need to get some rest… had a slice of turkey breast anc bottles water…120g the scale said of the turkey breast…i baked…it seemes to be helping me fall asleep…as planned…my eyes are heavy and closing. thought of this as my new solution to falling asleep faster at nights…i have been having problems falling asleep…seem to be working.


ok…so i messed up yesterday…i ate but i thought i could go down a bit instead of what i discovered worked as my first meal…i had instead of the big chicken breast and salad and a sugar free energy drink…for first meal i had


the breads and the ranch sause was on the other guy not me…i gave him my bread that came with my salad…the whole grain bagette u see there on the edge of his plate…

mine was the salads

a few strips of chicken 3 oz…over pretty much lettuce and a side of lettuce…i went too extreme too fast especially if i was planning on not having my next meal till after work as a pre work out meal. so i was hungry most of the day and on two occasions i had a fist full of trailmix it eas all nuts and dried cranberries and coconut strips. then i held out till i got home and i let loose!!..i ate easily close to 200 grams of turkey and a bowl a veggies…the turkey u see in the bowl was a second serving lol!! i was cutting chunks off the bone and eating prior…everything right out the fridge i didnt even heat it up!..i dont mind cold food as it is lol!

so i ate all that…and drank two bottles of water…now this was at 9 30 pm…i was already a lil tired from the day but i knew i had gym time…i was so stuffed my stomach felt like it was going to bust! so i thought i would just lay down for a few let the food settle then get in my gym :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:



i slept so hard…

i forgot about the turkeys sleeping chemical and i made sure i put plenty turkey cravy on those pieces too!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

the great news?!?..

ususally when i get hungry like that and my favorite carbs are also around? i eat the hell out of it…cold pizza?! pierogis and 10 of them like i have? and i think about those pierogies often since i got them??
:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: …they would all be gone! yes to be honest its only a matter of time…and i decided that once i am at a loose 36…i will eat them all at once and get rid of them… so i am not tempted by them consistantly and perlonging the chance of keep slipping up…the more occurences of slip ups the more likely to fall off and fail…


i was able to keep it safe…just protein… veggies and water…

my traps are feeling nice and sore from the night before…i am liking that


ok sooo first work out just completed…i have not had my first meal yet…just two cups of coffee and a bottled water with glutamine and bcaa

about to do some crunches and stretching…

then go have a one turkey patty and some baby lima beans


Hey its just me…dont care how it taste as long as i get some form of nourishment and proteins :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

baby lima beans and a turkey patty


ok…so…i did my second work out…back…nothing fancy…i had a pre work out meal…

assisted pull ups using a chair and 300 lbs resistance band…i sit into the loop scoor the chair out but still reachable…tighten my abs as i pull up.
i did 10 sets of 10

total…100 pull up

next i did lawn mowers with the dumbell on the flat bench

50 lbs dumbell…left side and right side 3 sets of 20 and 64 crunches between sets

60 lbs dumbell…left side and right side 3 sets of 15
and 64 crunches in between sets

then i did simular to t-bar raises but with a bench and cambered bar…

total…105 reps of dumbel

total crunches…384

both knees on the seat area stomach/chest flat against the back of the seat and chin past the top of the seat…

reverse grip using dumbell hooks with wrist support gloves to aleviate my slightly injured and healing wrist.

25 lbs plate on each side…20 reps 4 sets
35 lbs of plates on each side 20 reps 4 sets

total…160 reps

regular grip

35 lbs of plates on each side 20 reps 4 sets

total…80 reps

finally. using the chair i did close grip seated rows .

70 lbs…25 reps…2 sets
90 lbs…25 reps…2 sets
110 lbs…25 reps…2 sets
130 lbs…25 reps…2 sets
150 lbs…25 reps…2 sets

total…225 reps



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I can see a huge difference in your chest. You’re doing a great job brother keep hitting it hard soon enough you won’t even need cardio. You can just lift hard and take short breaks in between sets and get your workout in fast then you will be able to use that extra body weight to put on serious muscle mass.


Damn brother you have a great set up to workout with. Your log is also great.



that would be so ideal. i am looking forward to that stage for sure


finally this year i will be able to sport tank tops i cannot wait!!! and actually go to the beach shirtless!.. its been for ever!:rofl::rofl::rofl:


thank you. its my lil cave gym lol!! i hide away and get swole :rofl::rofl::rofl:


1 step at a time but your progress is definitely showing keep killing it I can’t wait to get back to training hard myself.
About a month and I will be going full force again.
Just reading your log and @Fitraver log have me wanting to get back to it sooner. Im just doing a maintenance routine.


nice…its tough when u gotta work lol! wish i would win the lottery already lol! wait…maybe i should start playing…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: …yes baby steps…i am just anxious lol!


ok so i finished my first work out. i hold out on eating as long as it takes till after my cardio which is my first work out…i have been up since 10 am…but slugging around…but made sure as a rule…i cannot eat till after that cardio…so

i did 75 minutes with 5 minutes cool down…first 25 minutes was at resistance 10…second 25 minutes was at resistance 11 and final 25 minutes was at resistance 12…this was the glutal mode and i kept the incline cycling 2,4,6 and 8. i did 1036 cals. the rest u will see in the pics below…tonight is flat as main exercise and dumbell flys on flat and a couple cables…


so my fist meal at 7 something pm were two salads…a side salad and the oriental grilled chicken salad… i forgot for the first time in a long while to tell the waitress we always have…no cruchy noodles…the few timed i forgot they just put a pile on the side part of the salad…they went to town on spreading a bunch of it all over the top. i picked out most of it though.

then i came home rested a lil bit before my second work out and took my blackstone around 10 waited till around 10 30 for it to kick in…awesome stuff man…awesome!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

then i went to the weights…second work out session…i did flat bench

55 lbs bar with 45 on each side 12 reps 2 sets.

64 crunches in between each set

then a 10 lbs on each side and did two sets of 12 reps.

64 crunches in between each set

then another 10 lbs on each side and two sets of 12 reps.

64 crunches in between each set

then at the 3rd 10 on each side i managed 6 reps the first set and 3 reps the second set

64 crunches in between each set

total of 81 reps with the weights
total of 512 crunches

then i went to flat bench dumbell flys… for some reason those were harder than the cable flys. for some reason the dumbells felt heavier than the cable flys. hmm…i alway believed nothing is better than good old iron lol!!!

35 lbs…2 sets 15 reps each

64 crunches in between sets

40 lbs…4 sets 15 reps each

64 crunches between sets

total of 90 reps for weights
total of 512 crunches.

finally i did close grip on the incline with a 45 lbs bar and a 45 lbs ans 10 lbs plate on each side. i dide 10 sets of 10.

total reps with weight was 100 reps.

then for my post work out meal i had the rest of the turkey breast i made right out the fridge and water…i tried to stop…cold turkey…but i couldnt!..BWAHAHAHAHA…(ok that was very corny i know…i couldnt resist :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:)

the following image may be graphic…viewer discretion advised​:rofl::rofl::rofl: