Gym Rants - Fitstudboi Log


I hope you had a pretty nice thanksgiving? :smiley:


Hopefully u had a pretty nice thanksgiving?:smiley::smiley:


It was good bro thanks. How was yours?


It was nice, thanks bud! Still eating the leftovers though! My wife made so much food it has been crazy


Ha ha good analogy


Me to bro I’m over leftovers already but the dogs are super fucking pumped to eat leftovers mixed with their dry food


Good to see you again @fitstudboi


Don’t think negative or only negative things will happen. If you think positive you will prevail. The mind is much more powerful than the body. Stay positive brother.


Good words brother


Good. Actually didnt eat a whole lot


Merry christmas!! I hope its been awesome for u all!!

Love u all :smiley::smiley::smiley::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:


HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!! I hope its an amazing one for you. Wishing you bigger success in all your endeavours and countless more blessing. Cheers to better health and many more years to come. :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Wow bro looks awesome. Glad to see you’re almost done


Well been back at it for about a month now. Cut out carbs and sugar immediately that same day i got the report…

At the time and before that i had blown back up…embarasingly…to waist 38

My blood sugar level was 6.0

U just had to be there…average sleep for close to 6 months was 4.5 hrs. Pulling 34 hrs str8 a handful of times…two jobs during the day and an overnight…

Things have slowed to normal…now finally 1 job…get off by 6…6 30

Still adjusting…but solid on my progress…very fast

I can fit into a 34 again…

Getting gym in an average of 3 days…will bump it up…was just thrown off my motivation this past week cus my guy i train with haven’t been able to make appointments so all those days i was expecting that nice gym time where i really needed that push didnt happen.

So i just gotta zone that out and focus and get to regular reporting here and bug the hell out of @PHD :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Will start posting weight and gym this coming weekend. I should be a lil better than where i left off by then

That back step was huge and honestly way embarrassing.

Chronic pain had returned…steroid shots and various pain meds and steroidic pain meds…

Now i am much better…i can now manage a couple days again…not like a week or precautionary as before but getting there…another few weeks should do it.

But i promise it was way out of my control.

I will get records of my weight from the doc to compare to next weekend. The two times i went last for labs i told them not to tell me the weight…i didnt look at the scale…i didnt want to know :joy::joy::joy:

Glad to say ALL the diabetic symptoms are gone…pins in legs and feet…insane amounts of peeing stopped…vision improved…

Funny…i actually know exactly when i went into pre diabetes… its the strangest thing :rofl::rofl:…well no more symptoms


Hey bro glad to see you back. Bug me all you want bro. Need to get update soon so we can work on nutrition. Do you have my check in sheet? If not let me know and I’ll email it to you.


Glad to see your back buddy…


What’s up brother hit me up


I do i believe i have it in my downloads from the first time i will check


Well i came on to post my official first weigh in after my 5 months set back which was way unfortunate.

I saw some great news for me…a badge upgrade!!! :grinning::grinning::grinning: wow. I am very honored and
This is extra motivating for me :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:

Thank you @Bigmurph and staff!! Thank you thank you! BIG BEAR HUGS out to the mods that deemed me worthy.
This was VERY un expected! Thank you :grin::grin::grin::grin:

I am at a great place now to move close to my ultimate goal…

I came in at a copeable weight. I left off damn near 6 months ago at 221. As i said i will get the weigh ins from a month ago and post those from the doc in march. I didnt want to see or know what the weight was.:rofl::rofl:

But let the games begin!!

I am looking at 218 by next sunday. But will accept 220.

By first week of march i am looking for 205 to 209

Mid may…195 to 198…finally below 200.

But it wont be just about weight loss…its majorly about physique/mucularity. So i am looking to be poppin as well :joy: and bugging @PHD will def accomplish that…

This summer is going to be fun!:joy::joy::joy:


Congrats brother and I’m glad your back.