Gym Rants - Fitstudboi Log


So I just saw @fitstudboi progress pics after 2 weeks HOLY SHIT!!! Big difference a lot leaner. Way to kill it.


Keep up the hard work bud!


Wooo hoooo!! Got my first 1 hr cardio session i in over two months!..not as many calories for the hr as before but something in better than nothing…i slipped back down to 17 resistance instead of the 18 where i was…but in no time i will be there again and past that…

No excuses! As @Fitraver says :rofl::rofl:

I need to loose 20 lbs before Thanksgiving day or i will be angrily chewing carrot peels at the table while everyone else chow down grrrrr! :rofl::rofl::rofl:…but i guess i would take a few big Tupperware of food from grandmas and freeze it and ration it as celebratory meals for every goal i reach lol!!!

So…all i got in tonight was cardio…

That concludes sunday night 14th gym time.


Don’t forget to send me questionnaire and pics bro.


Good Job bud, but like PHD said get him that paperwork, and Pics so he can get you on track. You might think your doing something right but when you get everything back from him your gonna be like “holy Shit WHAT?” Get it done!!! Good Luck


I just finished it at 1 something this morning and in a few about to get the pics together :smiley::smiley:


I am soo outa wack with what i am doing :rofl::rofl::rofl: my program is like a cajun gumbo! :joy::joy::joy: mmmmm! Caaajjjuuuun guuummmbbbooo :rofl: <----never had that but i imagine its awesome…but yes…there is plenty to correct i imagine so i am getting him the stuff today :smiley::smiley:


Don’t overload him with pics… id never taken pics of myself for purposes like this, and totally sent way to many (just started having a good time doing it and got carried away) :smirk:


:rofl::rofl::rofl: oh trust i hate pics rn…this place is the only place that will see my horrific self shirtless…not even my friends around ever seen me without a shirt! :rofl::rofl:


My social medias dont even have current shirtless or revealing pics 9f any kind :rofl:

I hate pics rn…but i figure…i have to own it by showing it here and then it becomes a requirement to do something about it now that it out there in this environment…aside from entertaining with a good laugh! :joy::joy:


Alright…so… apparently…my promised excursion to the venezuelan restaurant i promised my venezuelan guest who is a foodie and thinks its VERY important to eat…often…

Landed me a lil over 1 lbs more that a few days prior…ugh!

That visit i swear was was 12,000 calories…the most i have had ever in the recent year…

The food is amazing but…well…that won’t be happening again for a year at least…great place…amazing foods…

Here is my current look


so i am putting this pic out there because i plan on doing something about it with the help of @phd and this no excuse deal…like before i will be putting up biweekly progress…i need to make big changed before midnight strikes on thanks giving day or i will turn into a pumpkin!!

Wait…too late! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Well i am just in time for halloween? Maybe i will do body painting and go as a jack o lantern this year :neutral_face::expressionless::neutral_face::expressionless::neutral_face::expressionless::neutral_face::expressionless::neutral_face::face_with_raised_eyebrow: :rofl::rofl:


Hey bro proud of you. We are going to make those changes. If you follow what I lay out and if you put in the work we will get there together. Excited to get you rocking bro.


Monday october 15th…came home at 7…pretty sore so got on my electro therapy machine and heating towel and covered up after eating something

I knocked the F out :rofl::rofl::rofl:

That always does that to me…

So i jumped up at 10 30…waaay past the hr rest i planned before work out. I was soooo wanting to turn the machine back on and the heating towel…

But i was like ugh i gotta get it in. Dont want to leave my log empty for tonight when there is really no excuse…


Looked at my phone and saw my therapy trainer/ i recently started with texting



Got it in…felt so great and accomplished

Couldn’t get weights in cus of time. I have to be up again in 4.5 hrs! :rofl::rofl:

That was on the cross ramp…resistance 11 all the way in glutal mode…doing forward and reverse 5 minute increments with alternating inclines of 7 to 13

This concludes gym time for monday night october 15th 2018


Oh the punishment :rofl::rofl::rofl:

No italian beef and fries for me…just my regular lunch there when i have one at bueno beef!


Your a soldier brother ive watched you go through it and your doing great.
I always read your log just like @Fitraver I read his log also.
I just never jump in and comment but you both don’t even know how much encouragement you both give me.
The best part is the struggle I know that sounds crazy but the struggle is what makes us all as strong as we are. If it were easy we would all be weak.
But were not especially together this community is as strong as it gets.

Keep killing it brother


That’s doesn’t look like punishment brother. That looks like a great start to reinvesting in yourself!


I have always wanted to have their beef sandwiches… i had on a while back. I go there for lunch a lot and i always get the salad…but my two buddies there ordered the beef sub fries and i am chewing salad :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: but i don’t regret it love the salad and soup. I was full from that and zero calories tea…that food will always be there…so when i earn it a while from now it will still be there that day :smile:


Thank you so much ! Exactly true…be be inthe midst of all that sin and be content with a salad is proof of strength…i didnt even taste a fry!:rofl::rofl:


They can’t dip the beef and throw it on top of the salad. I would be all over that :sunglasses:
You know I try to stay away from carbs so a wrap or salad or rice bottom is as far as I will go. I don’t do hoagie rolls. Only on special occasions which are my refeeds or cheats.

Look brother in all reality I can see that you have lost alot of weight. When you first started you were definitely carrying more actual bf%
I see that you have extra skin but that’s just place for muscle to fill. Stick to the dungeon brother and in all honesty you hit me up anytime. I will give you my wire so im a message away if you need to talk or if something is happening and you need to get away.
I read that you are going with titan training and @PHD. You couldn’t be in better hands.
In all reality ive truly been thinking about jumping onto the titan train. I have made great gains by myself. I can only imagine what phd could do with me.

Pm me if you want my wire


Thank u so much @Bigmurph. It is awesome u mentioned extra skin because that was something i freaked out about loosing so much so fast and the skin dont have time to catch up…if that’s how it works.

I got frightened like hell when i would do my cardio and i heard clapping…felt like i was onstage after i ended a performance…but i snapped out of it when i realized that’s my belly hitting the too of my thighs and my pecs…well as u can imagine :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

So i stopped heavy cardio and went to more lifting and looking to get sweating that way that change happened a few days before that call i mentioned in the weee am by my aunt which started a series of mess with that and other unrelated issues just knocked me off

But. Yes i was afraid of that issue.

Right now i will not go in pools because i would look like a oil spill :rofl::rofl: j/k

I will say…i have heard less applause while doing cardio so i am thinking there is hope that my skin will shrink back nicely without needing surgery

It would be awful to do all this to get to my ideal weight and look muscular bug have nasty visible packs of sagging skin :rofl::rofl::rofl: