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help…i dont know how i am all of a sudden looging into an annonymous account and nothing is showing up all history is gone and i am now annonymous…this is fitstudboi…i use the same link i always used from day one now i am am logging in this annonymous account


@fitstudboi I say this with all the confidence that you will take it correctly…

Are you letting the really small things effect your mindset that are effecting the really big things?

Do not be the victim. Create your own reality by shifting your perception… Your current situation is a perfect chance to become better and closer to what you have been working on for a long time. Are you really going to let a simple life situation, one we all deal with, erase all your hard work?


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what is a avi…i am soo slow sorry


Mine is a daisy… Your is the light blue “A”

You’re no daisy!


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whew!! ok here i am


i have no clue how that happened i was freaking out! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


thank u thank u thank u! :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


well very true…but as it is there are many ways to win a war…and once i get a gym buddy coupled with @PHD program starting around second week of september. things will fire up in a much more sexure positive direction so looking forward to that process


@SemperFi not exactly what you said but “create/control your own environment” is one of my fave sayings.


@fitstudboi I completely disagree. Sure all of those things can make a difference. Especially with help from someone with @PHD experience.

Ask yourself… What is the common denominator in every situation you have ever been in? YOU … Our success begins with us and ends with us.

I learned early not to place unrealistic expections on people or things outside of my control. That even includes steroid use.

Unrealistic expectations is premature resentment. :wink:

You are not giving yourself enough credit for what you can accomplish if you set your mind to it. Don’t sell yourself short.


you are absolutely right…so there fore i am securing my success by making the decission that i need a gym buddy to help me reach my full potential on lifting and not risk injuries? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

as well as when i even think i am going to slack he will be texting…what should we do for tonight? i am thinking…ookkaaay i guess i am going to the gym tonight. ugh…i just worked 14 hrs and 12 yesterday…:rofl::rofl::rofl:

like i just did which set me back a few months now when i ripped up my shoulder because i fatigued on coming down to put the weight down on arnolds…had i had a spotter he would have taken the dumbell from the one hand as i placed the oher down…

then i am deciding to do the coach thing to see how over the internet accountabilty would work on another level as just on this level…being on this site has kept me so grounded and conatantly aware of what i should and need to be doing…

so see…its starting with making those decissions and ending with me being successful :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:…one way or the other :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Whatever method you pursue investment enough time and be consistent! :wink: I guarantee @PHD will have options available to you in the absence of a training partner. Be honest about your injury history and physical limitations. There is always more than one way to skin a cat.

Coaching is an investment in yourself so maximize your return… You can do it if you are hungry enough to really want it.

You have come a long way and now is the time to up your game and bring it on home.


Lol it’s called horchata bro, that shit is amazing. Especially if you get it made traditionally


I was reading through your logs catching up on your progress and you’re a trip man!! I was cracking up. Your home gym is still impressive lol, especially since the only equipment I have is a couple dumbbells. How long did it take you to acquire all of it?


:rofl::rofl::rofl: oh…i looove horchata! well a few years because i snuck them all in pretty much…my buddy owns the building and he kept sayin he is going to make an apt in the basement…for years now…but… that was after I had decided I wanted to put a gym down there and he was opposed to it…
my best buddy and i was always into fitness…i saw him slipping because our project schedules were getting insane…so

I wanted to do it because of the work schedule so that there is a full gym right under our noses in the building so no excuse…

and my injury that I projected because of my schedule and how my life goes would get worse to the point where it will make it almost impossible for me to want to go out to the gym not that I didn’t try it’s just that I knew the world I was in with surrounded by Foodies and people who really didn’t care anything about health…

and the natural energy of my buddy was to put forth very little to get alot andnif it was free its even better… logically… this engraved way of thinking is the basis for how a person wirh such thinking views things and goes about things…so i predicted as the years went he would fall out of fitness and embrace his food addiction…that came to pass…

i am always about earning everything i have

so any ways…

now that I have to give up my active lifestyle that I was in Prior because of injury I know my genetic disposition for weight gain… however I never factored in depression at the time never knew what it was I never understood that my injury and my weight gain which based on my …career interest …images is everything… that those two would spawn depression which will just begin a whole downward spiral this variable I did not realize actually until quite a few years later when I didn’t understand what was happening to me why they came so reclusive and was becoming so withdrawn and unmotivated and just wanted ti sleep…everything seemed dim lit through my eyes…even the brightest day…then I put it all together

But anyway… my injury is what dropped me into this kind of world and took me out of the world of complete Fitness and pretty much show .

I don’t know if it’s the island blood in me but I’m able to predict looking at someone… them or even myself …I’m able to predict outcomes of their life in the future regardless as to how hard or what their efforts are just based on the energy and the surrounding energies and I predicted that in the future I would have issues so I wanted to make sure that regardless I was able to have access to a gym to help me rebound at that point when it would be like a final ditch effort…and it turned out to where it was exactly what I predicted…

i didnt subconsciously worked towards this…

this was proven when i was at the poing of deciding to give up work and go on disabbility and i came here as a last ditch effort and cleaned up my gym and decided…

do or die…

and thenit hit me…omg…this is the moment i prepared for!!

and because I have this gym under my feet it’s helped me gotten to this point without it I would have failed completely and would have actually had to retire from working because of the Pain & Injury and severe depression…

where is now it’s like I’m starting all over and I feel good most of the time I’m still about 89% better right now…

But it’s not Supernatural Powers …its Logic …the world revolves on logic and every situation has a various amounts of logical outcomes there might be a slight variation but the outcome is exactly what is predicted based on circumstances and this is how my mind seems to operate so quite often I’m not understood but when it’s all said and done it turns out that what I mentioned or conceived is what it turned out to be so now it came full circle…

years and years of my buddies complaining about a new gym equipment popping up every so often just taking uo space and i would never use them…which i did from time to time…like they’re having babies and of course I had to be very creative because of my severe injury I was in pain constantly somehow I’m able to move 150 lb pieces…200 lbs…etc… of a machine inside of the basement without anyone knowing sometimes I move them in the middle of the night sometimes when they’re out of town her away out quickly move it in devise a way to get it in sometimes I’ll bring it in the piece of the time it will take me a week but I gathered them over the years and sometimes I would get like four or five equipment within a couple months…

I got them all off of Craigslist but I only get older gym quality equipments…every now and then i snag a newer one like one i have. the back extension machine… I don’t like to get home Quality Equipment unless I do have a couple of them unless they are high-end gym home quality or what you may call Rehab Center equipment. It took about 10 years to get the whole gym in there because of resistance however you can get this whole gym together real fast if you go on Craigslist within the month and find everything this all kinds of stuff that they have on Craigslist in different areas but the key is to look in areas that sometimes like for instance you made it to Craigslist where you live and surrounding area I have on my list a used gym Warehouse where they have equipment that they just want to get rid of that’s been sitting there that no one wants to get because they’re heavy as hell as big as hell but they’re very useful to me I will go get it my last equipment I’m looking for is a seated AB chair waited more like a hoist chair so I can have my own a machine right now I can have access to ads in my gym but it’s all basic abs and decline benches and cable you know you can be creative with that for abs but I like to have an actual ab machine

but besides my story…

i would def recommend anyone to have their own gym if they could or have the space…its so useful.


lol!! sorry about the enormouse reponse…but…aside from how long wanted to add a little history and reasoning

but it is a great thingbto have a gym of my own where i can do any and every exercise…litterally…get fit…or body build right in my basement lol. and shock the hell out of people like i do when they ask…which gym u go to and i tell them one of my other gyns and they go ih…i go there at all different times and i never saw you!..and i go oh…i am sneaky :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::smiley:


@Fitraver honestly i have been avoiding the scale since u last asked for a weigh in and i had crunched up my shoulder…

i knew based on hoq things were fitting that i went up a few lbs…but sizes were still the same just a lil snug…hence my current venting and needing to take things to another level…i was using this contest i entered as a boost but they screwed me up and lost two weeks so u had to with draw because there is no way when every day counts on a 30 day challenge…

but i see the numbers…while i am happy with my shape and definitely more muscular…the numbers went up 4 lbs…sitting at 225…seeing tge actually number…sorry i cannot help…but freaks me out and now i am a lil upset…but i expected this…

so now i need to set a goal to be 180’ by novemver 1st…


Haha very long response but I enjoyed the read. Depression is a bitch brother, I used to suffer from severe depression as well. I was one of those who suffered in silence while everyone thought I was happy af. The gym has definitely saved my life, and maybe that is islander thing… I always predict what others will do as well and sometimes it’s just freaky.

You’ve made great progress bro, and though you may not be where you want to be you’re getting there! Progress is progress, you’re gonna look back at this in years time and be like " fuck, I did it!"