Gym Rants - Fitstudboi Log


wwwooo!!! busted my ass for these cals in a 35 minute time frame on the cross trainer…

35 minutes…fasted cardio…no cool down…

omg…i really should get a fan…its no joke 5he heat in the basement…once u start going crazy on the cardio :rofl::rofl::rofl:

This concludes Thursday morning August 9th gym time …quick gym time


Smoke @fitstudboi your heart rate is pretty high. If you are using cardio for fat burning do you know your fat burning heart rate zone? It should be around 65% of your maximum heart rate. To calculate your maximum heart rate use 220-your age. i.e. … 220-40=180 Fat burning heart rate zone = 117.

Based on research the body has five heart rate zones and we can target these zones for specific reasons.

Just some info for you to consider.


i know but i always feel i am not doing anything when i do the hr program and worrued that no fat is dropping…or i am wasting my time cus i am not feeling anythibg on the machine and the cals are low…so i go for hi cals and then take in less based on days activities and cardio stated calories count…so if i do 600 now an 1000 later tonight…that would be 1600 of documented…visibly calculated cals and then activites/work throughout the day and weight training…i would say i am at aboout 3500 by the end of the night. then i only eat max 2000…1 am 1500 def.

this is a mental stick i have always had and if u advise different i would listen because i have nit been in your level and experience…

so if u think stick with the fat burn cycle will show the most results with less cirtizol productions that may be doing more harm than good…i am making sure i take in descent proteins…to help secure and continue muscle growth…

just i dont feel challenged and i can fall asleep on the hr program :rofl::rofl::rofl:

and when i was trying it the machie kept having to tell me to slow down till after a while it gave up :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


If I was doing cardio to simply burn calories than I would say that is not a best use for it. The easiest way and a better use of my time would be NOT to eat those calories in the first place. :smile:

BTW- 660 cals in 35 minutes is awesome… thats hard work… but work you may not have had to do.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: true…but all i have been eating 90% of the time are salads…average day i may take in 1200 cals…cut sugars and carbs out… and i snack once a day on 6 brazil nuts and 15 cashews…the yohimbine really helps cut appetite :smiley::smiley:


thank u so much…i was running sweat like a faucet…but felt awesome and u felt accomplished :smiley::smiley::smiley:


Thats great brother. Please don’t be discouraged by my comments or think I am being negatively critical. Just the opposite… constructive criticism. I was wanting to point out the idea of training efficiency in case you were over looking it.

If spending your time on the machines is your way of getting satisfaction and accomplishment then I support you 100%. There is nothing better than the feeling of doing a job well done and you deserve recognition for what you have accomplished.


Are you noticing a loss of muscle mass in your current deficit?


Don’t worry Top we know your lookin out for us young punks!


You and your dam nuts n dam salads


well actually more of the muscle mass is defining so i am appearing to have more muscles as i am noticing more definition and withing gbat 12 to 1500 cals most of it is chicken breast ssalads and o may buy a grilled chicken sandwitch with just lettuce and tomato…throw away the bread and have that extra protein…they bately give u chicken on the salads :rofl::rofl:


:joy::joy::joy::joy: i know right :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


no i love it…i mean look at that arm in your pic!!! it would be wise to take your advice :rofl::rofl::rofl: you dont look like that not knowing what how and when and how much ya know? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


i also want to do alot of weights which i have been. i will be doing both tonight as well…and i want to step up the weight cus i want to be swole and tight! for sure…the cardio is just my tool the try and get that extra… trust…i do dread cardio and it takes alot of procrastinating and say i got to do this or i dont want it badly enough to do the cardio :rofl::rofl: bbut yes…just to get that extra till i am at a point where the lean muscle mass is enough to where weight training will be ample to burn fat and calls and i would need to do less cardio and only do enough cardio to keep my cardio vascular up…so once i tip that scale i will be doing less cardio25 to 30 minutes tops…and the rest weghts.


while i am quite ambitious…life…and my screwed luck…can mess up an agenda pretty thoroughly…but i am fighting back and pressing forward ine way or the other…

so the day before situations killed my remaider gym plans…yesterday i had 3 sessions planned…i got the one in…and that was an adventure with the …amonia deal and the machine saying…“alright…u dont wanna slow down like @SemperFi suggest?..well i will just scare the crap out of you and make u slow down…yah…maybe STOP?..I will make u think your heart is about to go…”

but i didnt stop…

i did slow down for a bit though…messed up my goal for 1150 in 65 minutes…but oh well…

thiz concludes my gym experience for friday night august 10.


i have still been getting some gym in and cardio…jist at a very frustrating and almost seems pointless point of my fitness venture…but i know i will get through…just a ton a messed up stuff happened…u had to be there…u would actually believe some Supernatural shit is happening to mess me up seriously…almost as if the hate and envy and defiance to my examples have manifested itself to block me so i can fail each of my current set goals… while it have succeeded in each of those battles…i am still winning the war…

last night i kinda hit the wall…at large fries and a whole 3/4 of half gallon container of moose tracks…yes…the same moose track that i bought almost a year ago…well ok…maybe 7 months ago…

but i did take photos with dates as the title as evidence…i am spinning a lil bit out of control…but i will get it together…

just a lil frustrated…

i had to actually drop out of a contest because the people at the gym didnt understand the rules and said i had to do the next contest…so i finally called corporate to find out i was right…but my drive and time left was messed up…

so i plan on making them know how they screwed me over…it was a 30 day contest


just venting…


It’s good to vent brother, even if it’s to a keyboard and a few faceless friends. And it’s not a he end of the world that you ate that stuff, nobody is perfect at anything. You can adapt to the situations and then figure out a way to overcome them


Keep grinding bro. Get back on track. What’s the weigh ins lookin like?


i will weigh and put it up tomorrow morning.


yes. i get extremely frustrated a just want to scream…but the great news is people was shocked rhis weekend to see how i looked…

i just need to land a dedicated gym buddy and i am golden…

i do amazing with another for accountability