Gym Rants - Fitstudboi Log


yes for sure u are right 100%:grinning::grinning::grinning:


i forgot to pist yesterdays gym time ugh!

well i went out to the gym yesterdayā€¦did chestā€¦threw a shoulder exercise in there and did a lil abs

seated chest press plate loadedā€¦

90 lbsā€¦25 repsā€¦2 sets
110 lbsā€¦20 repsā€¦2 sets
140 lbsā€¦15 repsā€¦2 sets
160 lbsā€¦12 repsā€¦2 sets
190 lbsā€¦7 repsā€¦2 sets

total repsā€¦158

incline plate loadedā€¦

90 lbsā€¦20 repsā€¦2 sets
110 lbsā€¦15 repsā€¦2 sets
140 lbsā€¦12 repsā€¦2 sets
160 lbsā€¦8 repsā€¦2 sets

total repsā€¦110

peck flys on the peck deckā€¦

70 lbsā€¦25 repsā€¦2 sets
90 lbsā€¦20 repsā€¦2 sets
110 lbsā€¦15 repsā€¦2 sets
130 lbsā€¦10 repsā€¦2 sets

total repsā€¦140

shoulder side latteral raises

4 sets of 15ā€¦same weight.

total repsā€¦45

this concludes sunday evening work outs


okā€¦ soā€¦monday night work outā€¦cardioā€¦crosstrainerā€¦20 minutes with armsā€¦10 forward at 14 resistanceā€¦10 backwards at 17 resistanceā€¦then 20 mins just legsā€¦10 mins foward at 14 resistance and 10 backwards at 16 resistanceā€¦then the final 20 minutes with arms arms same as first 20 . ā€¦had a nice challengeā€¦didnt get my 1100+ā€¦but its over 1000 so its good :rofl::rofl:

this concludes monday nightā€™s gym time


ugh! this week was messed up for gymā€¦ugh!..but back at it! fasted cardio 65 minutesā€¦ same idea as last cardioā€¦

cross trainerā€¦

weights later tonight


so before i forgetā€¦very very late night/morning weights for saturdays second gym timeā€¦

i didā€¦

incline press

135 lbsā€¦20 repsā€¦2 sets
155 lbsā€¦20 repsā€¦2 sers
175 lbsā€¦15 repsā€¦2 sets
195 lbsā€¦6 repsā€¦2 sets

total repsā€¦122

reverse grip incline

135 lbsā€¦10 repsā€¦barely
135 lbsā€¦6 repsā€¦barely

so i knocked it down toā€¦

65 lbsā€¦20 repsā€¦2 sets
75 lbsā€¦20 repsā€¦2 sets
85 lbsā€¦15 repsā€¦2 sets
95 lbsā€¦12 repsā€¦2 sets

total repsā€¦150

then i went to tricepts push down but did it just like dips

60 lbsā€¦25 repsā€¦2 sets
80 lbsā€¦20 repsā€¦2 sets
90 lbsā€¦15 repsā€¦2 sets
100 lbsā€¦15 repsā€¦2 sets
110 lbsā€¦12 repsā€¦2 sets

total dip repsā€¦174

this concluded second gym time for late saturday night/early morning


Hows the weight lookin bro? Havenā€™t seen a check in a bit.


i am afraid of the scale. last week was not goodā€¦the week before was okā€¦diet wiseā€¦i have veen good since yesterday thoughā€¦cant omagime i would reverse tge damage in one dayā€¦will take a solid week for that lol!!!

but okā€¦ gimme till tomoorow morningā€¦i will post the weight :smiley::smiley:


ok @Fitraver you sparked my curiosity and so i did just get on the scale and i actually went down two pounds! i will take it!..not the 7 or 8 lbs average i was doing before ever two weeksā€¦but i will take itā€¦i had decided on friday night thinking about things on thisā€¦that i will start tryin at weights only during the week anf if i can get 30 minutes cardio in tgen do soā€¦no matter how late i get inā€¦and on the weekends starting friday do just one hr cardio for 3 daysā€¦whats throwing me off is the schedule and i am stuck mentally in cardio mode and by the tome i get home i am just too draoned to try an hr cardio like i do and u dread it ans i have it in my mind that just lifting wont help me loose the weight ans i am too tired to lift with the intensity that would begin to burn as much calories amd fat as cardioā€¦i know betterā€¦i just got to to start that rollā€¦


Nice bro. Also, you should get in he habit of weighing yourself first thing in the am after pissing and naked. That way itā€™s always consistent. Randomly stepping on who know what you ate or where your water retention is. Thatā€™ll help you be more accurate with your weigh ins.


I know I never say to much to you to on your logs, but I do read them and enjoy, congrats on the two lbs @fitstudboi! And I have to say that I could use both of you guys motivation and dedication, I could use some of @Fitraver food discipline, and some of @fitstudboi motivation to even late at night get a workout in.


Thanks bro! Iā€™m glad you enjoy the log and itā€™s good motivation.


well yesā€¦this is trueā€¦thats a what i just didā€¦just woke up not too long agoā€¦hadnt eaten yet so i figure to tryā€¦thats always how i weigh inā€¦mrssrd up sleeping habbits i knowā€¦i have soo much on my world that would mess me up lol! as i can imagine ww all doā€¦this is where and the pointā€¦which i knewā€¦i would need a gym partner/training buddyā€¦so i am now ā€œrelevantā€ enough to get a descent traininv buddy which i am in the works for thatā€¦maybe a couple more but start with one lol!..and some one that has a set 9 to 5 and have a daily routineā€¦this will keep me in check and you will see massive progress just wait lol!


wow! well u just made me smile big! THANK u so much @John ā€¦this helps me so muchā€¦and seeing @Fitraver daily post is what keeps me grounded ans focussed and miserable every day of gym time i miss till i get one inā€¦i feel much better and rightā€¦it is awesome that this amazing accountability is established hereā€¦i honestly never thought it was possible that the people had to be infront of uā€¦but there is a different energy here that proved me wrong and have been helping me tremendously! :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


Both your guys work ethic is incredible.


sorry for the late post i actually did this gum time at the gym around 8 30 pmā€¦i did back todayā€¦didnt get to fimish everything cus i had to leave and get to a small jobā€¦but anywaysā€¦

cable wide lat pull downs super set with close grip pull downsā€¦

70 lbsā€¦25 repsā€¦2 setsā€¦ super set with close grip same reps
85 lbsā€¦20 repsā€¦2 setsā€¦super set with close grip same reps
100 lbsā€¦15 repsā€¦2 setsā€¦super set with close grip same reps
120 lbsā€¦12 repsā€¦2 setsā€¦super set with close grip same reps

total reps wide gripā€¦144
total reps close gripā€¦144

seated cable low rowsā€¦

70 lbsā€¦20 repsā€¦2 sets
85 lbsā€¦15 repsā€¦2 sets
100 lbs 12 reps 2 sets

total repsā€¦94

plate loaded back machineā€¦

135 lbsā€¦single armsā€¦10 repsā€¦4 sets

total repsā€¦40

then i dropped it down to 90 lbs and did wide grip super set with close grip ā€¦ 15 reps 6 sets

total reps wide gripā€¦90
total reps close gripā€¦90

this concludes sunday evening gym time


so on my way home from an exhaustingā€¦severely stressful dayā€¦i was frustratedā€¦tiredā€¦i knew once i get home i was just going to head to bedā€¦i would hate to miss another night of gym but its after 9ā€¦wont be home till just before 10ā€¦ehā€¦i might stillā€¦butā€¦then my buddy decided he wants to stop and eatā€¦ughā€¦so i wentā€¦just had a saladā€¦small house salad and a bowl of tomato basil soupā€¦

soā€¦there went another hourā€¦so i knew for sure no gym tonightā€¦really miserableā€¦just want to sleepā€¦

so once i got home ( i go through my gym in my basement to get in my apartment through the back doorā€¦i have the front closed off to keep the new cat who have been living in hiding for the past 4 months and wont come out except when i am goneā€¦she ran out and in the back part of the apartment where my bedroom isā€¦so the sliding door is wedged closed so she can pry back in like she did beforeā€¦thatsā€¦another long story)ā€¦

so yaā€¦i decided yo just lay there in my gym till i feel like doing SOMETHINGā€¦so finally i didā€¦i startedā€¦shouldersā€¦i was tearing it up!!..

figerativelyā€¦but theā€¦waitā€¦keep readingā€¦

i did arnoldsā€¦

35 lbsā€¦20 repsā€¦2 setsā€¦
25 lbs dumbell curlsā€¦20 repsā€¦2 sets

40 lbsā€¦15 repsā€¦2 setsā€¦
30 lbs dumbell curlsā€¦20 repsā€¦2 sets

i was feeling it and loving the veigns popping in my fore arm ( not crazy like like u guys but
ā€¦its a startsā€¦)

take look! :smiley::smiley:

so i was feeling it for a quick minuteā€¦ok


45 lbsā€¦ttteeeenā€¦eeellleehā€¦ nahā€¦ooo!..RRIIPā€¦CCRUUUNNCHā€¦(kind of internal muffled soudā€¦u knowā€¦like where all the ligaments and tendons areā€¦:neutral_face::expressionless::neutral_face::expressionless::neutral_face::expressionless::neutral_face:)

OH SHITā€¦nooā€¦that was just tense muscle fibers rubbing over each other as i failed on the eleventh i was trying forā€¦

pleease dont tell me i just tore up my right shoulder!!!..not noow!!

so i am sitting here on my electro stimulator with heating padā€¦

i was tempted to continue in disbeliefeā€¦but the tightness coming on along with sharp pain especially when i pressed in certain areaā€¦while i was confirming mobilityā€¦i figured to get on my machineā€¦

i have a huge day at the project tomorrow as well as i have a second job i have to go to after hrsā€¦and in the middle of this fitness goalā€¦i m soo screwedā€¦

soā€¦seeing that i may not be able to lift for a whole whileā€¦ if anyone can tell me what frequecies to put my zapper there to help me build or maintain muscle mass and densityā€¦please tell meā€¦:smiley::smiley::smiley:

after the zapper o will be applying thisā€¦

i also have some balm i got from the asian storeā€¦

i dony know what torrow will bring honestlyā€¦but i imagine it will be hell and a severe challenge .

i have to sweat pipes tomorrow and close up a bathroom plumbingā€¦over head work for the piping betwrrn floor beams ā€¦dry wallā€¦install tilesā€¦

then in the nightā€¦another very physical project we are 3 days behind getting doneā€¦

i need a miracle drug within two days at latestā€¦any suggestions to help with this mess of a injury i just did please let me know

another reason why traing buddy is needed in order to push yourself to your potentialā€¦had i had a spotterā€¦i would have been okā€¦this sucks :slightly_frowning_face::frowning::slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:


Oh damn :frowning: good at beginning of post with the veins then bad st end. Hopefully itā€™s better today.


well nopeā€¦i am pretty sure i tore up sime stuffā€¦usually when i mess up its a pretty thorough job. lol!


its def not as tightā€¦but i did damageā€¦cant put pressure on it to l8ke pull up or push down on anythingā€¦but i can raise my arm above my head so this is goodā€¦but to bring it down i have to fan my hands outwardā€¦like a wax on wax off deal :rofl::rofl:


Fuck Iā€™m sorry bro :frowning: you got insurance?