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Dragon pharma was carried by naps I believe. Pretty sure it is good to go unless there were fakes. @Bigmurph I would say you are fine bro. Probably just moving needle too much or still your virgin muscle. You can get pip from anything if you don’t do the smoothest pin.


cool i will pin today then.


so finished my fasted cardio at 11 45 am

moved up to resistance 10 all the way.

This concludes my first gym time for today


Im running 125mg a wk of that dragon cyp. I had to filter mine. Check for floaters but besides having to filter it great test.


thank you yes i dont see floaters and it does inject much better than the prescript and the first time felt much better…i am sure its me needing to adjust to new thighs composition and not paying attention to make sure i am completely relaxed…i pinch up the chunk i am pinning the slowly let go when i am in and i realize before it was mostly fat where as now i am pinching up and displacing the actual muscle mass i am pinning


so…unfortunately…i never made it to second gym time last night…but will tonight. i finished fasted cardio…but this time a focus on my stabilizing…i did the crossramp for an hr. 50 minutes of it was holding on to nothing but just relying on blancing on the macine…back and forward at resitance 10 all the was. inclines…2…4…6…8…who do we appreciate…:neutral_face::expressionless::neutral_face::expressionless::neutral_face::expressionless::neutral_face:…sorry…i couldnt resist…i really tried…:neutral_face::expressionless::neutral_face::expressionless::neutral_face: :rofl::rofl::rofl:

the focus on continuing rehabilition and conecting my brain back to sayng its ok to step… and if i trip or my foot catches something it ok to step out and catch my ballance and stabilize and not lock up and stiffen because pain is expected and go down like a led balloon like i recently did…in front of a client…after my foot caught on a piece of garden edging no more than 3 inches of it…a normal person would have effortlessly stepped ouf and stablize…me however…it was a whole cique du solé act as i was going DDOOOOWN <–(said in a deep slow motion voice) :joy::joy::joy: …thank fully i had trained my mind prior when possible fall in pushup mode…so i did…after a struggle :rofl::rofl:

the little things we take for granted…

so any who…

this will be my practice for the next couple months on this machine and like…and will increase resistance…incline and duration as a goal

i was able to manage a full 50 minutes of my on solid body weight till discomfort and sorness started setting in then i finished the othef 10 minutes holding on to the arms of the machine


i have been hearing ai this and AI that…and i was like man…they have gotten really high tech with this body building stuff encorporating artificial intelligence??? WOW! in trying to figure out what the hell is being use now…like are they injecting nanobots to help repair and stimulate muscle growth in a fast rate??..well i looked…google confirmed Artificial Intelligence…but nothing about body building so i searched AI in body building…and THERE IT WAS…it wasnt artificial intelligence :neutral_face::expressionless::neutral_face::expressionless::neutral_face::expressionless::neutral_face::expressionless::neutral_face:…Aromatase Inhibitor…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:…i am going to learn sooooo much here :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Most are on the wrong track with these “Ancillaries” read about these highly studied pharmaceuticals and go with an if needed plan imo. Awesome physiques built without any discovery of them.


agreed…i have seen guys with amazing physique already and never did anything deciding to do stuff to get bigger…i always gave them hell but people do.what they are going to…but i have always advised …work hard…put in the time and only if you must for certain things…but in moderation…less is more…as far as less drugs will help enhance what u got if u need to…the drugs are there to help and give that extra edge along with time and hard work and not there to do the work for u and u do less work but get more…and they all were deciding when they were not of the proper age to even start anything barely 23…but the big part is alot of dudes hate cardio…so the first draw ia that cutting drugs that helps them get shredded witbout the cardio…then they move on to the other stuff and its a crazy hook from there :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Instead of pinching actually spread your fingers apart when giving yourself an im inj.
You will see that it will help you get deep into your muscle and also will help with any pip.
Pinching I use for hgh and hcg or ephedrine inj in my stomach.
Try it out let me know if it works better for you


for sure will try with next shot thanks! :grinning::grinning::grinning:


I agree blood work to make sure that you don’t have your estro over 100 but just nolvadex 20mg a day or even just an ai if needed. Crashing your estro while on cycle seems to be on the rise and can lead to bone and joint damage tendon injuries.
Estrogen is a huge part of your gains on cycle. Its needed so keep it elevated and watch out for gyno but nolvadex should be enough for almost everyone. Blood work will always be the answer to “Do I need an ai and how much?”
@rnmuscle 100% right brother
When you were injecting half the worlds steriod production back in the days how much of an ai did you and your buddies use?
Did you use any at all?


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: HALF the world’s steroids?! i just laughed so heartilly nnice too fun :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Exactly, I will be the first one to admit kno’ thyself… Skipping the just say no route. I truly believe that at this point for me only,I can’t speak for anyone else, going off testosterone would be a bad idea. I always believed in cycles, so i have people say what about when you were completely off? There was a period of 3 straight years(no ifs , and or buts,) that I didnt use anything at all. I went to the gym, nothing but a post workout shake. Let me add, there were not really any pre workouts anyway. There were a few, there was ultimate orange, Lee priest had 1 tattoo(that I could see), yada yada…long time ago. The first testosterone total I had done was that of a pre pubescent girl. The first cycle following this period was hemogenin(anadrol) , test cyp, and laurabolin. nothing else. I’m sure it was approx. 600 cyp, 50-100mg Hemos, and usually 9cc of laurabolin @ 50mg /cc was the most I could doin a week. Results great. I believe next was Ttokyo and troy or ilium from austrailia(drive,methandriol diprop, not masteron mind you) competed , won , that lasted a couple years but I guess my point really is I had great results on less stuff, maybe 5% better results on 5 x as much, and then had those times were I think my body was getting more drugs that food during contest diet. And I was a tiny little tiny fish in a tiny little tiny sea, but as I "learned more"and got into a certain circle, I looked worse. I had to be 300 at under 6 foot…well under. I had to compete at a shredded 240-250 even if lee haney and Dorian looked their best at that weight. So ,I missed out on competitions, I was 300 with a tight little 42 inch waist then at week 5 out from a show Oh no!!! 243! Somethings wrong. Drop out. FOr a good many seasons guys I beat for ooverall or class,moved up and some turned pro. I hear this story a lot and I always say thank you God, because now theres really no contracts or money, social media stars get money, which is fine a guess. Stick with me… Everytime I heard someone present a topic with a good presentation like hey so and so was so full and ripped he did this protocol. the limiting factor to HGH is time , you have to take it for 2 years then boom! it works!(LOL) Fuck nolvadex it drops your IGF(whats that, youll find out 2 years from now) and messes up you cholesterol forget the fact that you stacking 10 different drugs(Again LOL). Thank God if some can see what Im saying is be careful and pay attention to the journey. I know it started with Aromatase inhibition but I consider these selective cancer fighting pharmaceuticals to be a bit scary, on the level with insulin. Prami, caber, bromo, L-dopa, and I say that being a bad offender. Knowledge usually is just enough to cause damage. I am still trying to start a log since January. Now April because everytime I feel “back” My dosages go up, drugs change, maybe just a little huma log to shuttle all these nutrients back in after a lower carb day, crazy bodybuilding subculture. Im just telling it like I have seen it. I really like short bursts of 6 weeks and 3 “off” change supps and again 6 /3 then after about two or three I try to stretch it off a bit longer. God bless all of us. I loike the hx of bbing and the drug hx. I think it is artistic and I am a big believer in statying lean or leaner, and watching the muscle come on. I have been trying to do a bit of research on total mg/gram amout weekly or biweekly vs actual substance. This was ann old theory that Ar mediated receptors dont know what drug is being used however most have a certain affinity for the receptor and were it is located. most small dosed drugs like anavar, winstrol rumored to have a high affinity for recpetors. Genetics of course tells you if the receptor is on your prostate or muscle. Many other places. so, what do you think would happen with starting at a 750mg total for the week, 250 anadrol(m,f at 125mg), test prop 300/wk m,w,f 100mg, NPP at 200 wk m,f at 100mg, before you scream blood levels… by the time they are coming down, its Monday again, this week 300 androl(m,w,f at 100) , masteron p 300 @ 100 m,w,f, test prop at 450( 150 m,w,f) maybe ad in Long acting test at 200/wk. so in effect upping mg per week for 6-8 weeks but using somewhat interchangeable drug classes. If you think the body gets "used to a certain compound then it won’t and if you want to keep total blood levels up this will do that, HMMMM.


wooo!..i am at a loss for words. that is an immense amount of processes and stuff…u did a great job scaring the hell out of me…now i will hire some one like you to just feed me what ever cycle i should be on cus i would have zero clue! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

because of my habbit in looking up every part of a substance to deem it majority safe and if the side affects are worth it and where its drawn from.and original use…safe dosage…overall intent…list if foods and drugs to avoid while taking the substance…i will never make it to ANY cycle! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: and thats nog including case studies done on each chrmical in the product lol! omg… :joy::joy::joy::joy: i am impressed. i know this stuff is impossible to grasp…but i will learn and see whats stuff is about and ofcourse i am in the right group for positive learning for sure.


so i will be honest…tonights second gym time dragged…its been dragging often…just dont have that happy feel…that concentration…i am trying to really limit prework outs which i have…last time i took the blackstone was maybe a few weeks back been like that for a while…i try to tough it ouf 80% of the time but i think its costing me serious progress…i am sure its also environment…i know this is 70% it…so thats why i will be hitting public gym first week of May. things will fire up and even more so when i land a training buddy…my natural being is very codependent i realized that years ago and have accepted it. i get amazing progress with gym partner…so soon enough…but here is tonights gym…


flat bench barbell press…

145 lbs…25 reps…2 sets
165 lbs…20 reps…2 sets
185 lbs…15 reps…1 set
185 lbs…8 reos…1 set

total reps…113

reverse grip barbell press

125 lbs…12 reps…6 sets

total reps…72

delmar selectorized…

single arm press

30 lbs…20 reps…2 sets
50 lbs…20 reps…2 sets
70 lbs…15 reps…2 sets

total reps…110

cable flys

50 lbs…20 reps…2 sets
60 lbs…15 reps…2 sets
70 lbs…10 reps…2 sets

total reps…90

did 14 sets of 64 crunches…standard

total crunches…896

this concludes my second gym time for wednesday

weigh in later this morning and physique…thursday…every two weeks…ugh…i hope i did alright lol!


I’m free! I can be honest and I always know/knew some sort of payment would be due for any choice. I know only a little .


ok so here is the bi weekly weigh in…

i wasnt the 5 solid lbs i was hoping for nor was it the 7 lbs i was dreaming for lol! i was soo looking forwarf to that cheat day…i was going to LAY OUT a list for u to help me choose from lol!..but…no such thing…i have to hit 230 before i can consider that…

BUT…i kept it moving forward and i lost 4 more solid lbs…thats progress and i am happy with that…

on the physique…i was torn to put it up…but…i did because even though on camera there is not really any difference i realise there is…i can fit now very snug a 34 waist…so this is goo…36 is now pretty loose.

as well as in the work i do…its best to show the before…during …so you can really appreciate the after and see the huge change versus just a aftetr where there is no clue of where its coming from…this physical in my face proof also helps me with accountability and that constant expectation of a need for a change real soon and keeps me striving for it…as well as its out there…so i gotta do it or i will look stupid :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

i am the smallest as far as muscular and the fattest amongst u beasts…but i am workin on it…:rofl::rofl::rofl:


i may do a pre weigh in this sunday to see if i am any closer to 230…ugh…was soooo looking forward to the belgium apple pancake that takes 45 minutes to make and u have to call in and order a head of time…

a nice slice or two of deep dish pizza…

a whole party tray of sushi rolls…

a whole pot of flavored rice…omg…i miss and LOOOOOVE rice…i can eat it with just a lil butter added to it and just a lil gravy from something…no meat…done that before…made a pot ofvrice and i sampled the whole damn pot and was hardly any thing left i just finished it and made another pot :joy::joy::joy::joy:


u know i was just thinking…

i used to think…man…i hate to have to walk evreywhere…i really need a car…this way i can get around faster…get to where i need to be…faster…walking everywhere and taking the slow ass busses sucks! and screw the bicycle!

now…i wish i could walk everywhere and fighting to be able to do that again…just to walk…rn i have to always look down and watch my step instead of looking ahead and taking in every second of the world around me…

something that simple…

i learned the hard way that walking is not so bad afterall…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: