Gym Rant... Sick people at the gym!


If you’re sick and hacking all over the equipment stay home, nobody wants that shit!


You can’t tell me what to do… you are not my wife. :rofl:


I puke up water on a regular basis… does that count?


I had one of my best workouts after drinking a full bottle of dayquil at the gym :slight_smile:


That just means your hitting it hard right! :+1:


Dayquil messes me up but Nightquil does absolutely nothing.


Gym ,work, and grocery store. I’ve been lucky this year not to be sick yet.


this is a different ballgame but i was maxing on deadlifts … chalked my hands, put my belt on, walked up to the bar ready to rip the shit off the floor… unfortunately as i was inhaling to start my pull i realized the guy who was “doing shrugs” next to my bar while i got ready was actually crop dusting the hell out of me … don’t shit on people at the gym!


That’s just wrong dude!


Was it a powder protein fart you know that they have a distinct and horrible smell.
I feel for you on that one


Ha ha