Gym Pet Peeves


Just wondering what annoys you guys the most when you hit the gym?

Probaly my main pet peeve would be people not putting weights back…that just shows me how lazy some people are.


Guys that sit on their phones on the machine or bench,I realize that small rests between sets is normal, but when every time I look their on their phone, i start gettin irritated


kids that ask me if i on gear .my reply is usually no i cant get you none


That’s a good one, I wouldn’t like that one either


dudes spitting on the gym floor or in the drinking fountain…dudes just jumping in on a machine without asking and ruining the timing of your circuit sets…


I had to laugh, is someone spitting on the floor of your home gym…ha ha


We got a lot of guys walking around wearing tights and with ILS here.


Yes good one my old src and his trainee I swear their wearing yoga pants


What’s ILS?


Imaginary Lat Syndrome


Ohhh ha ha suitcase carriers


Good one…we have a lot of that medical condition too at my gym.




no i mean at the regular gym when i go lol! o have two memberships to different gyms and my home gym…so was reffering to regular gyms i have and have been too and see this :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Floating arm syndrome is running rampant across gyms in America its an epidemic of biblical proportions :rofl: You could park a helicopter on my back its so wide and i dont walk around like a tool in a constant front relaxed pose lmao! I hate gym machine poachers who see you using a piece of equipment then as soon as your back is turned jump on it and when you walk over to them they are like “were you using this?” WTFFFF no i was standing next to it keeping it clean asswipe!! I hate people that just get in the way when im trying to get shit accomplished they are either standing in front of the mirror when i need a pair of db’s or texting while sitting on a machine i need or heres my fav doing bicep curls in the squat rack. Give me a fkn break man :exploding_head:


I tend to pace between sets, so I circle whatever machine I’m using, like a vulture over dead carcass


Ha ha ok got it


Im gonna start doing that too since 99% of my gym is afraid of me even though they know im one of the nicest people in the world lol i guess im sort of intimidating :smiling_imp: ill use it to my advantage :wink:


Ha ha you got it made bro… I think if people see the USMC on my arm they won’t take whatever I’m using, that’s all I got going for me


Lol thats funny bro! Im sure you got more than that going on for sure! Jarheads are bad ass dudes :smiling_imp: