Growth Hormone Test Kit


COLORIMETRICS, LLC (maker of ROIDTEST™) will very soon be releasing the world’s FIRST product test for human growth hormone (somatropin). It is antibody-based, and thus highly accurate for identifying real somatropin. It will not be fooled by cheap gh peptides like GHRP-2, GHRP-6, Hexarelin etc., which can be found in many counterfeit products. People often use blood work to validate their GH, but of course this can be fooled by GH-elevating peptides. NOT ROIDTEST.

This test is a game changer.

P.S. Dave Palumbo bought out our entire first batch. He should have it available in a couple of weeks. We’re rushing in more, so you can pre-order with us too.


This is awesome. Can’t wait to see some tests results start coming in.


Looks like @Bigmurph knows some people in high places… or he can tell the future


It’s been publicly known for quite a while now, Dave Palumbo publicly mentioned it was possibly in production a while back. @Mhelter



Check this out from @ROIDTEST


A little bit of both but yes it’s true


Now that is a beautiful thing right there as soon as its available one will be ordered by me


Make sure its legit GH & then run bloods to check if its dosed right


And post your results…Click… Click… BOOM!

Lets start giving credit where credit is due and calling out piss poor products.


This is awesome…
Way better than the old pregnancy testing


@rocco-x Lol… I think you meant that for HCG. I never heard of testing GH with a pregnancy test.


You used to test GH with pregnancy test? Haha so if not pregnant shows then its no good & you’d toss it away? lol jk


Im totally with semperfi on this, good or bad please share.


Thanks for all of your support guys, it’s great to see everybody is as excited about this HGH test as we are!