Got a new fast acting Insulin



I’m going to be trying a new insulin with my next cycle in 6 weeks . Has anyone tried this ?


Humalog. Funny, i just did an online continuing education on diabetic tx. Novolog which is insulin aspart versus lispro. It wasn’t for bbers of course but there was a difference. Aspart is faster then lispro by a few minutes, a couple other differences on who should take the different kinds, but I thought they were the same. Go figure🤓


Possibly he knows about this
@TrenGod also might


I use Apidra when I use gh. I dont use it for long but it works so fucking good . This is cheaper and got some from a good friend . From what I’ve read and heard from other bbers are all opinions and assumptions


We are told apidra is the fastest of the three and now some are dosing it 20 minutes into a meal(halfway)…again diabetics. I used to do Milo’s at that time, protocol before training, after and a.m. after all night fast from sleep. I never got fat or bloated but had a few “stumbles” walking across the street to 7/11 and chugging a pop or two.


Hmmm never heard of that brand. If it’s log it should be fast acting. I use humalog by Lilly. I only use 10iu at the moment only increase as I increase carbs. Just be careful anytime using skin and know what you’re doing. Like @rnmuscle kind of stated always carry a cannof coke or candy bar Incase you get symptoms of crashing. Take heed to warning signs


I have lillys base insulin in pens in the background of the photo . I also have lantus. The long acting is great but I dont use these for very long. Maybe 4 weeks at most . Thank you guys. If it’s as good as Apidra I’ll use this instead and save my money.


Thank you @Bigmurph. I want to start a log for you guys when I start this cycle . Its gonna be a good cycle . I have everything in line. Blood work is already perfect . Just want to make sure my receptors are hungry and ready for the beating I’m gonna give them.


Since starting this forum in October I’ve made amazing changes . I got away from the stupid bro knowledge and used your opinions and knowledge . 2019 is my year


For the sake of discussion, I found first thing in a.m. or after sleep whenever you sleep👴was pretty noticeable, pre workout with a carb/creatine type mixture gave me great pumps. After training, I’ve always felt I’ve eaten too much to try to take advantage of insulin, especially R.


I always thought /think R or if guys used medium acting insulin is when they got fat


I use lantus before bed . Train in the morning . 100g carbs in a shake for the gym with creatine. Apidra 30 minutes before the gym while sipping on shake . In 1 hour I finish shake in the gym, go home and eat clean fish or chicken with veggies. I check my blood sugar every hour till bed .


Eating fats and fast carbs get you fat. I never have water issues bc I dont use it everyday and for more than 6 weeks. Only training days I use it


I can’t wait to see your log brother and you know that all the brothers and sisters here at got your back with any real knowledge that you need.
We use broscience also but we really like our proven medical studies

I will be looking for that log brother as soon as I heal up and if I don’t have another injury or accident im going to get a log going myself.
Im so far away from where I was at the end of my Last cycle I need to start training hard again


You take slin before bed??? Bro that’s like very dangerous.


I like that approach, amazing pumps? I’ll say for this forum lantus seems pretty good if you get something in before bed and do the checks. Why do you think everyone seemed to get away from metformin and glipizide?.or a combo?


That’s actually a good question have you ever used slin before and how are you planning on running it with hgh?


@phd yes sir. I have oats and fructose before bed. It kicks in around 4 hours after I fall asleep . Wake up and my sugar is 80 to 90 . That’s what lantus is for. I would never tell anyone to do anything I’ve done. But it works for me.


I never mentioned my oldest son is type 1 diabetic. I’ve done a lot of research and over the last year I’ve found what works . Less is best and I check my blood sugar every 30 minutes after my injection.


And like I said guys . I would absolutely never reccomend slin to anyone . My experience is not yours . I know guys who crashed on 2 units and I know guys who can take 20